Tips for Buying CBD Online (Part 2)

The market for CBD was already booming and now more than ever with the current events of illness, market crashes, and threat of job loss.  It seems everyone has anxiety ready to burst forth like the creature from Alien. Or maybe it is more like the head exploding scene in the movie Scanners, no matter what horror or sci-fi movie you pick for a metaphor it fits our current events!

And let’s face it one of the main reasons people are buying CBD oil is for their nerves! Many folks know from experience that Cannabis has quite the relaxing effect, so they assume CBD will likely have a similar ability. In reality the science is behind the market and attempting to catch up, in the meantime it can be difficult navigating this new and curious product.

You may be lucky enough to have a major retailer located near you that sells CBD, but the chances are it will be very expensive. When it is hard to find locally or too pricey many may resort to buying it online. And this can be potentially problematic when it comes to service and trust. Here we will go over a few ideas to find high quality and honest CBD oil from online retailers.

Is it educational information or hype?

One of the fastest ways to judge any CBD company is what they tell you about their product. CBD is extracted from hemp plants, which are simply Cannabis plants with under 0.3% THC content. With such a low THC amount it is impossible for hemp to get you high, and that is the only reason it is now legal to grow and sell in the USA. Hemp may not have the chemical to get you stoned, but it does have plenty of CBD!

Unfortunately for many years and across many countries Cannabis has been illegal and has not really had that much legitimate research done on it. The simple fact is we do not know that much about CBD. You may buy it for anxiety, but it is not yet proven to help that! A legitimate company will not make outlandish health claims, they will educate you on the reality of CBD. Any online retailer who promises CBD oil will cure specific ailments; they should be reported not patronized.

Is the company accurate and honest?

As mentioned above it is important to take note of how a company sells its CBD oil. You want accuracy and honesty, and yes both are a little different in this case. You want a product to have specific lab results on the quantity of CBD included, especially so you know what dosage it is. However the same company cannot honestly tell you what dosages work because that would be making medical claims. Do you see the fine line?

Another important aspect of accuracy is whether the company is using pure CBD oil, or broad spectrum hemp extract. Cannabis has THC, CBD, and about a hundred other active chemicals; you likely don’t need the other cannabinoids. A reputable online CBD seller will sell only pure CBD oil.

Do they have THC in their product?

And not only do you want to avoid the other chemicals, you want to be sure the product has no THC in it. By legal standards it should be below that very low 0.3%, so it shouldn’t be a problem. However since some states have legal Cannabis now you want to make sure they are not selling products with THC. And this isn’t just because you could potentially get in trouble, it is the against the law. Mailing THC products is illegal and legitimate retailers will not get involved with that.

There is some research that shows THC may be necessary for the CBD to work properly. The jury is still out on that and until then you should only buy plain CBD oil from online retailers.

Does the site make it easy and safe to buy?

Beyond the pointers on CBD and Cannabis in general, there are also the usual tips on being a smart consumer. Does it feel safe to pay on the site, or does it scream identity theft? This is one reason to avoid the smaller and unknown sellers as they may not even have basic protections for your financial data. And even beyond money does the site feel safe for any info you are providing?

Another savvy consumer thought is do they also provide discrete and fast shipping? You may not want others to know you use CBD oil and that is fine, just make sure the company is safe to purchase from.

How is the customer service and reviews?

Regardless of the product you are buying always check the reviews of the company. That is one of the fastest ways to know if they are worth dealing with. And of course you will find bad reviews everywhere, people are known for complaining more than praising! The key is to read those negative reviews, if there are a ton of levelheaded yet angry customers, well find another place to buy your CBD oil from.

Do they offer any kind of assistance?

This is actually a pretty common aspect of the bigger CBD retailers. CBD is so expensive that some places offer assistance to veterans, those with disabilities, and lower income individuals. Not only should you apply for this help if possible, it is a sign of a reputable dealer when they have such helpful programs.

Can you really trust the large market sites?

So what is the verdict, should you buy CBD from an online retailer? If you follow the advice above and use common sense, there is every chance you will get a quality product. Stick with the most popular and known retailers first if you are extra jittery about your first purchase, places like Vitamin Shoppe and CVS. The chances of getting a validated CBD oil brand is higher at the best known stores. Just don’t stress yourself out too much! That’s what put you in this position in the first place! Do as much research as possible, message companies with any questions, and pay attention to what others are saying about said sellers. With a little patience and a deep breath you will find some high quality CBD oil!

Tips for Buying CBD Online

As a writer it is always nice to work on topics that are suited to my interests; two in particular being Cannabis and music. And I mention music because it has a lot of similar issues as the CBD market, most notably a lack of real experts and any sort of industry standard when buying online!

Imagine you are complete beginner with music, and you decide to buy a new instrument like a guitar. You will be shocked to find they come in almost all price ranges and a bazillion companies make them. Even reputable companies that you may have heard of before are constantly being counterfeited. Any deals too good to be true likely are, and if you aren’t careful you can get an unplayable piece of junk!

It is clearly stressful and can make you just want to throw your hands in the air and buy whatever and hope it works out! However we don’t want you to make that decision with any product. The bad news with CBD is that these problems do exist, the good news is with some savvy consumer skills you will have all the better chance of buying quality CBD oil!

The Truth About CBD

Before you purchase any CBD oil it is important to know the reality of the situation. CBD was just made “legal” in 2018, the word being in quotes because the USA has a myriad of conflicting state and federal laws that can’t make their mind up on Cannabis. As long as the plant contains less than 0.3% of THC it is now legal to grow and harvest. And the most valuable chemical to harvest after THC is the cannabinoid CBD.

Despite this legal paradox you the consumer should have no trouble purchasing CBD. It has exploded across the markets both online and even in brick and mortar stores. There is so much out there it actually takes a little research on what to buy and from which company. At the end of the day the CBD oil market is in a Wild West situation where anything goes. Tread carefully!

Tips for Buying CBD

Why Are You Buying CBD?

This may seem so silly and obvious, but really it is the most important question. If you are buying CBD for help with daily anxiety, well you stand a better chance of finding a product that might help. If your pet has a major disease and this is a last ditch effort to save them, well that is a much bigger problem that you are not prepared for.

And that’s not to say CBD oil may not be good for animals or people with major problems, the point is are you willing to jump into something so heavy without proper research? Simply put if you are buying CBD oil as a medical miracle, you are likely to be very disappointed in any product and dosage. We are all new members in this CBD club, let’s keep things simple to start with.


CBD has very little peer reviewed research, that is a fact. Anecdotal evidence and personal stories are not enough to make health claims, and in fact can be very wrong at times (look at all the anecdotal hype against vaccines). Any decent business selling CBD will be honest with the facts and low on the hype.

Yes, it is a fine line to balance. As a writer I am here to inform you as much as possible about CBD. Many of us in the industry have great hopes for the medical value of CBD and Cannabis in general, and a little hype is ok as it is finally legal, exciting, and new. However we will also be the first to tell you that we are not making any health claims and that any medical discussions should be with your doctor. If you don’t find this level of honesty in a CBD seller, avoid them!

FDA Warning Letters

One simple way to filter out the bad CBD dealers is to read which companies have received warning letters from the FDA. Now for those who may think the FDA is the enemy, keep in mind they warn some companies about very shady behavior. When you buy CBD you want to be sure that it is pure oil and not a mixture of hemp extract cannabinoids. While every CBD product will claim the highest quality its helpful to know the ones that are not being honest.

What Does the Label Say?

A common problem with both CBD and THC products is packaging that sure looks real, but for a fake product. Last fall during the vaping health epidemic many of the culprits were counterfeit THC cartridges. For the most part they come in pretty solid and legal looking packages… or do they?

A legitimate product is likely to have lab results on the side, where it was made, and often even QR codes (these allow you to check that the product actually has been tested). Another pointer for labels is avoid those that have flashy packaging. A medicine is sold in a discreetly and professionally labeled package, a toy or counterfeit product is sold with flash and pizzazz!

Learn to Read Lab Results

Many reputable companies will not only show lab test results, but also how to read them. They will break down the difference in pure CBD and just various cannabinoid compounds. This will certainly be helpful in knowing more about the specifics of the pill or method you are ingesting.

But also don’t forget that until more science comes along these lab results, dosages, and methods of ingesting have very little meaning. There is no uniformly agreed on CBD dose and how you take it may make a big difference. I have my concerns about vaping and any potential health effects, but it may be the best way to use CBD. Right now we simply don’t know.

Consider THC Levels

Remember there are multiple chemicals in the Cannabis plant that may be of use, the most popular are CBD and THC. If you live in a state where Cannabis is legal you will want to be sure your CBD oil is THC free. If you are ordering online this is likely no problem. And if someone is trying to ship something with THC then you definitely should avoid that company and any legal peril coming its way.

Reviews and Feedback

And of course one universal tip for buying anything, does the company have good reviews? Do they have decent interactions with customers, happy experiences, maybe even good return policies? Some very basic social media and Google research should quickly give you an idea of whether the company may be selling a quality CBD oil product.


So there are some basic tips on buying CBD oil online, as you research more you will find many other good ideas. If you are to the point where you are ready to look and buy, make sure the first person you talk to is your doctor. Even if they are still in the learning process you will at least know you are getting info that isn’t backed by sales. With a professional opinion and some common sense you will be ready to find the best CBD oil for your circumstances!