How to Find Out If Your CBD Oil is Legit?

Hi everyone i’m Annie, and today we’re gonna do a deep-dive into kind of investigating the legitimacy of the CBD oil I use. So, I’ve used quite a few different brands of CBD in my day. The one that I’ve kind of settled on, that i really like, um, just because I guess I like the effects it has on me, and also it tastes good which is important in my book. It is the Sunsoil CBD oil, and the one I take that I like is the citrus flavor.

When i was kind of researching the next CBD oil I wanted to try, there were a couple things that, in my mind, I knew I wanted. I knew I wanted one that was third party-lab tested which is really important, because it checks to make sure there’s no bad things in the oils, whether that be bacteria or heavy metals or anything like that. And the other thing that personally else I also wanted was that it was made with organically farmed hemp, because, again, I didn’t want exposure to different chemicals through ingesting my CBD.

So, I’m gonna jump over to my laptop here and you’re gonna go along with me, as I kind of research some of these things. Okay, so here I am on their website. So, let’s go down to the drops and find the one that I use, which is citrus, and let’s look into this a little bit. Okay, first things first. Let’s look at the ingredients. So MCT oil, fractioned coconut oil. Okay, that’s what that is. Organic sweet orange oil and cinnamon oil, so that makes sense, that it’s not 100 pure, because it is flavored, but it’s also extracted with MCT oil right here.

It says it’s full-spectrum, which means that it’s not 100 pure, which explains the ingredients. That is one thing that I guess I didn’t have as much understanding of when I was buying it, is the difference between full-spectrum and then pure CBD. Okay, here’s the big one right here – third-party lab tested by an accredited lab. Let’s see if we can see the lab results for the citrus. Okay, just go to one of these from 2019. Overall it passed a third party lab inspection so that’s beneficial and that pass. It does three different screens, so, micro- biological screen, a heavy metal, and then i guess just some other analysis. It looks like there were yeast mold e coli very minor findings, I suppose. Um I guess not enough to raise concern about there.

However I do, I would wonder kind of what the standard is across all CBD oils, and if it’s normal to have scarce detection of mold and yeast. So, I guess it does make me more skeptical, even though this was passed, I would be really curious to know what the industry standards were, for what passing means in that case. But, it is beneficial to know that a third party lab in Burlington Vermont had a certified analysis and passed all of it. So knowing that this oil I am taking is what it is cracked up to be and is deemed okay by a third party is really important.

Okay, so you just went through that with me, and I guess, in my conclusion, I realized i didn’t know as much about CBD testing as i thought i did. I’d be really interested to know what kind of industry standards were for past test results and what kind of traces of, for example something like mold is acceptable or normal to find in CBD. And then, I also didn’t really differentiate the difference between pure and full-spectrum, when i was initially shopping. So, another important thing for me to note. When I get my next bottle, I still really like this brand just from how I use it, and how my personal experience has been with it, but it’s really good to be able to now know actually do the research behind it and hide behind its legitimacy. So all in all, I am I guess happy with what I found but, I’m also a bit more curious.

Annie H.

Organabus CBD Oil Review

I’ve been using Organabus CBD Oil for a few years now, and I can honestly say that it has made my life better. I purchased my bottles directly from their website. I was skeptical of its usefulness at first, expecting it to be snake oil, just another fad. That was not the case.

This CBD Tincture has a slight woody taste, an herbal honey flavor that is tantalizing to your taste buds. It doesn’t take long for its calming effects to kick in. Personally, this CBD has immensely helped with my anxiety, bringing me back from the verge of many panic attacks.

On several occasions, a dropper or two has even helped with the rare gallbladder attack, the tincture easing the muscles of my core enough for the pain to pass. I have also struggled for years with my insomnia, sometimes struggling to fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning. This CBD has helped so much with my insomnia, a single dropper helping me relax enough to sleep on my worst nights.

I would honestly recommend this product for everyone. It has helped so much in my life, and is a staple in my home, likely for many more years to come.

Katie P.

Katie P.

The Brothers Apothecary CBD Oil Review

Brothers Apothecary CBD

The Brothers Apothecary CBD Oil is a great way to ease anxiety. One of the 21 milligram CBD capsules will keep me from freaking out while in a large group of people. Even small crowds and events or gathers can get to people. These have no flavor and provide fast relief of stress making it an easy option right before going somewhere. The 170 milligram pills provide all day relaxation although this strength option is not the cheapest rout. The Oregon CBD Company does well to keep a supply of The Brothers Apothecary products on the shelf. With options from 8mg to 170mg CBD dosage and everything from a large bottle of 100 capsules to a sample pack of only 2 pills, it is easy to find what you need. Some options even come with other essential oils infused into the product along with the CBD. May options and additives provide an incredible product with many health benefits. A dietary supplement like this has a place for use in my life nearly every day. I always take one before I leave the house for a big event.

Kenneth S.

Loud Lollies CBD Candy Review

Loud Lollies CBD Candy is my favorite. They come in several different flavors and they come in a few strength options. Portland Oregon is where these vegan lollipops are made. Completely gluten free with no preservatives and infused with high grade CBD oil, these are the perfect way to ease pain. No THC content makes Loud Lollies the best choice of hard candy for me.

With over 15 flavors to choose from, I never get tired of this brand of candy. I use Loud Lollies CBD when I am looking for a longer lasting effect. The time it takes to enjoy the lollipops helps produce a time released CBD pain relief. Using one of these while waiting to begin a physically challenging activity helps ensure that I have the stamina and endurance to press on to the end. Loud Lollies are available at most marijuana dispensaries in Oregon. It seems like at least one or two of the shops in every town has a supply. Flavors usually vary from store to store but the price is mostly consistent. For only a few dollars, this product will provide a lasting result and great flavor.

Kenneth S.

Ultra Origins CBD Oil Review

I have been using Ultra Origins CBD Oil – Nighttime Formula for a few months. I only use it when I feel like I’m having trouble sleeping– especially after a particularly heady workday. I use about ½ of a dropper (1/2 ML), the recommended dosage is 1 full ML but I find I don’t need that much to get the nudge to sleep that I need. I wake up refreshed and not feeling that drag you can sometimes get when using other over the counter sleep alternatives. Even melatonin will leave me feeling like I’m dragging the next day. I purchased the product online.

I use Ultra Origins CBD Herbal Drops to help me relax a bit when I’ve had a really hard day. My work requires a lot of brain power and sometimes I feel like I just can’t relax my mind enough to let my body relax. Just 7 or 8 drops is enough to help me let go of the million things swirling in my brain. The suggested serving size is 15 drops (1 ML). I purchase the product online through Amazon and use it about twice a week.

Jennifer C.

Nature’s Beneficials CBD Oil Review

Nature's Beneficials CBD

My friend has taken Nature’s Beneficials CBD Oil she purchased from Amazon, it’s called Organic Hemp Oil 1000 MG. She takes it for her migraines and stress. She can only take 1 ML per day, by mouth, it lasts 30 days then she purchases another one. It’s been 2 months and it helped her a lot, she finally stopped taking her prescription medication for migraines which made her feel really tired so working long hours were very dreadful. And her stress is due to
everything that’s going on plus she has a rambunctious toddler.

Ever since she started Nature’s Beneficials CBD oil she’s more relaxed. And no it doesn’t make her high, it contains no THC. Also it has a mint flavor so do not worry about it being disgusting unless you hate mint. I noticed a change in her when she sounded more happy and wasn’t complaining about feeling exhausted. She was very skeptical at first because she works full time and a single mother but with research this fits her very well and is also affordable. She highly recommends it to anybody that really needs it but it doesn’t cure anything serious so please be advised of that.

Cabreya W.

Rosebud CBD Oil Review

Rosebud CBD Oil is my favorite tincture right now. As with all CBD tinctures, I feel this is best when used consistently. I experienced a much more mild stress response throughout the month I was taking this. Personally, I like to use CBD to manage the physical symptoms of anxiety (increased heart rate, a tightness in my throat, chest or stomach) that I experience most often at work. This was the first CBD tincture I ever tried. I tried CBD edibles for several months, and found the transition seamless and effective.

I love that Rosebud CBD is offered in a smaller 0.5 ounce bottle. This was an affordable way for me to try a new brand without spending too much for committing to a formula that didn’t work for me. The flavor of this tincture is light and subtle. I prefer to use it in the morning as I get ready (I like to think of it as an extension of my skincare routine), and it helps me manage signs of stress and anxiety throughout the day.

Rosebud CBD Oil is made using MCT oil, a product I am comfortable consuming on its own. I also love the idea of supporting an independent, locally sourced brand!

Whether you’re looking for a formula to use during the day or to help you relax at night, Rosebud is a great place to start.

Courtney D.

Uncle Bud’s CBD Oil Review

I have been using Uncle Bud’s CBD Oil in the spray bottle (120mg) for a few months now. I picked this bottle up at T.J MAXX, but usually I get my Uncle Bud’s products online or some Walmart’s! 

The instructions say about 3-4 sprays per day, but I find that I use about 6-8 a day. I developed arthritis pretty early as a kid, and spent years trying different prescriptions that just never took away the pain completely in all my joints. When I finally tried Uncle Bud’s CBD Oil, I was excited because I use THC to help with the pain typically. Being able to spray a few squirts before working double shifts at work without getting the THC side effects was life changing! The spray bottle makes it easy for me to get to the harder to reach areas that I always needed help rubbing in with lotions I’ve bought in the past. It’s infused with Coconut oil which leaves a refreshing mist over your body, and it doesn’t hurt that it leaves you moisturized throughout the day too! 

Disclaimer: I use 6-8 squirts because I re-spray throughout the day, but I don’t know if this is recommended for your CBD needs.

Isabelle P.

Sisters of the Valley CBD Oil Review

Like most other first time users of CBD oil, I was quite uncertain about what to expect from Sisters of the Valley CBD Oil. Trying new and unconventional things scares me, especially when it relates to medication. As an artist that paints almost daily, growing older meant that my thumb and wrist area had developed tendonitis pain. It has become almost too painful to even hold a brush. Having tried so many medications, it’s not surprise that I was a little skeptical about how a small bottle of CBD oil would heal me.

My wife wouldn’t stop disturbing me to give it a try after she saw testimonies on Facebook. I decided to look it up and found that the product is not psychoactive. It means that it wouldn’t get a person high, and it wouldn’t cause a person to fail a drug test. I tried the salve once and was surprised at the level of relief it brought and would highly recommend the infused oil too. I have issues with anxiety and joint pains and I can tell that it has helped greatly. I’m glad I made the decision to buy Sisters of the Valley CBD.

Francis N.

Stratos CBD Oil Review

I’ve been using Stratos CBD Oil on and off for about a year now. I use weed to deal with nausea and pain, and often I can smoke to ease my symptoms. But there are plenty of times where I am nauseous and sore in the morning before work, and I can’t smoke weed. This product is perfect for those situations. I use the CBD 500 Isolate. A typical dose for me is about 1 dropper or 10mgs of CBD. This amount is pretty much perfect for me in day to day life. I feel better, I function normally, and honestly, I feel clearer than when I take an over the counter pain killer.

I’m incredibly grateful for the large number of days I’ve been able to move past how I feel in the morning by using Stratos CBD Isolate. It’s great to be able to have the benefits of weed, without feeling high. This product has definitely allowed me to reach my full potential and function in the way I know I should! It makes me feel good and lets me stay productive!

Seth F.