Ultra Origins CBD Oil Review

I have been using Ultra Origins CBD Oil – Nighttime Formula for a few months. I only use it when I feel like I’m having trouble sleeping– especially after a particularly heady workday. I use about ½ of a dropper (1/2 ML), the recommended dosage is 1 full ML but I find I don’t need that much to get the nudge to sleep that I need. I wake up refreshed and not feeling that drag you can sometimes get when using other over the counter sleep alternatives. Even melatonin will leave me feeling like I’m dragging the next day. I purchased the product online.

I use Ultra Origins CBD Herbal Drops to help me relax a bit when I’ve had a really hard day. My work requires a lot of brain power and sometimes I feel like I just can’t relax my mind enough to let my body relax. Just 7 or 8 drops is enough to help me let go of the million things swirling in my brain. The suggested serving size is 15 drops (1 ML). I purchase the product online through Amazon and use it about twice a week.


Jennifer C.