Tweedle Farms CBD Oil Review

The type of CBD oil that I currently use is Tweedle Farms CBD oil, I purchased it directly from their website. It is full spectrum and in a 500 mg bottle with 460 mg of CBD, 16 mg of THC, and 98 mg of minor cannabinoids. The taste is mild yet potent, the dosage that I consume is 25 mg of CBD, taken two to three times a day.

NuLeaf Naturals is a brand that I have also tried. They are pricier than Tweedle Farms as their CBD oil is organic. I purchased their 240 mg full spectrum oil directly from their website. Their .17 oz bottle (5 ml) contains 240 mg of CBD. My dosage was lower with NuLeaf Naturals, I would take 5 to 10 mg, two to three times a day.

The formula of NuLeaf Naturals has a more intense flavor profile than Tweedle Farms, the taste is quite strong, though not in any way unpleasant. CBD oil has greatly improved my health and lifestyle, it has reduced my anxiety and helps to lull me asleep during bedtime. As soon as my anxiety has eased, I am able to focus, start and complete tasks, plan effectively, run errands without procrastinating, and allows me to nurture my creative side. CBD has had a profound effect on the quality of my life.

Tracy K.

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