SunMed CBD Oil Review

My wife and I started taking SunMed CBD oil together, but for very separate or different reasons. My wife suffers from really bad PTSD and has extreme anxiety. The doctors really would prescribe her with any type of medicine or supplement that she needed, so we looked into alternative methods for her. Low and behold CBD oils! Since taking them she has been calmer and more comfortable with her surroundings. She has become confident in herself again in a way that I had not seen in along time. This I attribute to the CBD oil.

It wasn’t until after this that I started to wonder if CBD oil would work on people for other issues. After some waiting I decided that I myself would partake in the CBD oils and see if they could help with my achy joint. To my utter amazement the very next day I started feeling better. My joints ached less and my over all body just felt better. CBD oil has changed my wife’s and my life forever. And although it’s not a miracle drug and everything of ours isn’t cured, it’s as close as we have ever gotten to that.

Jeffrey H.

Water Soluble Oil at 600mg

I use Sunmed CBD brand, water soluble oil at 600mg and the candies. I purchase it at The CBD Store Southaven, Mississippi and just use it for stress regulation I’ve experienced some grievous hormonal changes after a miscarriage a year ago. This product has helped keep my hormones in check, I rest very well at night, I’m calm, no mood swings. I’ve also noticed that I’m more regular in the rest room which was an issue for several years even before the miscarriage.

I’ve recommended it to my boyfriend whose 45 and suffers from high blood pressure. He was very sceptacle because neither of us smoke or drink and didn’t want the THC effects. This particular brand gives the fix without the high. I’ve also recommended it to my mom’s husband whom suffered from cancer, for months he complained of agonizing pain and was Africa’s of pain meds.. He purchased it at a wimping $75, but said it was the best thing he’s ever used and being that he’s a recovering drug addict he truly appreciated that there was no high. I recommended this for anyone and may get into the business as well, its truly a gift, no side effects, no addiction, and truly helps with most medical conditions unlike Ned prescribed by the medical industry. I pray they don’t ban it.

Tiara B.

SunMed CBD Gummies

When I was in undergrad, I self-medicated with weed to deal with my severe anxiety and stress. As an adult, I migrated to benzodiazepines. However, my stress and anxiety is ever-present, and taking highly addictive medications with negative side effects just wasn’t a long term solution for me. During a particularly trying time in my life, about a year ago, I decided to try CBD and see what would happen. There was definitely a little trial and error figuring out the right dosage for me, but CBD quickly became the best quick-fix available for the stomach aches, sweating, racing heart, and jumbled thoughts that accompany my anxiety.

SUNMED gummies are my go-to for day-to-day support. Each 10mg candy gives me a calm that enables me to function even during the most stressful scenarios. I will say that some of the gummy bears have a flavor strongly reminiscent of pot brownies. If you had bad experiences with special brownies, maybe choose the peach rings or hard candies instead. The variety of SUNMED candies has allowed me to find flavors I like, but with each piece consistently dosed at 10mg, there’s never a guessing game. I take one, give myself a few minutes, focus on my breathing, and I’m soon in a much better headspace

Elizabeth B.

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