Sisters of the Valley CBD Oil Review

Like most other first time users of CBD oil, I was quite uncertain about what to expect from Sisters of the Valley CBD Oil. Trying new and unconventional things scares me, especially when it relates to medication. As an artist that paints almost daily, growing older meant that my thumb and wrist area had developed tendonitis pain. It has become almost too painful to even hold a brush. Having tried so many medications, it’s not surprise that I was a little skeptical about how a small bottle of CBD oil would heal me.

My wife wouldn’t stop disturbing me to give it a try after she saw testimonies on Facebook. I decided to look it up and found that the product is not psychoactive. It means that it wouldn’t get a person high, and it wouldn’t cause a person to fail a drug test. I tried the salve once and was surprised at the level of relief it brought and would highly recommend the infused oil too. I have issues with anxiety and joint pains and I can tell that it has helped greatly. I’m glad I made the decision to buy Sisters of the Valley CBD.

Francis N.