Royal CBD Oil Review

If you’re one of millions of Americans like me who have a hard time falling asleep, you may be interested to know that in some cases, CBD oil can help. As someone who usually relies on prescription strength sleep aids, I thought I’d give Royal CBD Oil a shot at helping me get some shuteye.

I bought a bottle of Royal CBD’s 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil from . The product is touted as extra strength, so you don’t need to consume half the bottle in order to get the intended effects. I trusted the label and took one dropper full about an hour before bed.

Here’s what happened.

At no point did I feel myself become drowsy, like I would from a prescription sedative. The best way I would describe how I felt was relaxed and ready to try to fall asleep. As I lay in bed feeling very awake, I did however notice that I was a lot less restless than I usually am when I am trying to fall asleep. It was a welcome respite from the stressed out tossing and turning that usually goes on when I’m trying to get to dreamland.

Ultimately sleep came, and it came on easier because I was relaxed. I made it through the night without waking up as well. I can’t say for sure that it was the CBD oil that did the trick, but I will most certainly be using it again. At the very least it made trying to fall asleep much, much less stressful.

Katherine M.

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