Rosebud CBD Review

Rosebud Original Strength CBD Oil has been my favorite tincture right now. As with all CBD tinctures, I feel this is best when used consistently. I experienced a much more mild stress response throughout the month I was taking this. Personally, I like to use CBD to manage the physical symptoms of anxiety (increased heart rate, a tightness in my throat, chest or stomach) that I experience most often at work. This was the first CBD tincture I ever tried, after using CBD edibles for several months, and found the transition seamless and effective.

I love that they offer a smaller 0.5 ounce bottle. This was an affordable way for me to try a new brand without spending too much for committing to a formula that didn’t work for me. The flavor of this tincture was light and subtle. I preferred to use it in the morning as I was getting ready (I liked to think of it as an extension of my skincare routine), and it helped me manage signs of stress and anxiety throughout the day. I also liked that the carrier oil was MCT oil – I appreciate knowing that this was made with a product I would have been comfortable consuming on its own. I also love the idea of supporting an independent, locally sourced brand!

Whether you’re looking for a formula to use during the day or to help you relax at night, Rosebud is a great place to start.

Courtney D.

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