Ripple CBD Oil Review

I worked at a Dispensary here in Colorado, called Tumbleweed. I worked there for over a year and got to see first hand how many customers would come in specifically for CBD and pain relief. There were many different kinds of products that our customers were able to chose from. My favorite and best selling one was the Ripple CBD Oil which was by Still Water Brands.

Ripple CBD comes in a packet form. There were various different quantities to chose from and the coolest part of all is that you can add the powder to anything! I would always recommend to add to their drinks, water, coffee, ice cream, any food products, or even just plain. We carried the one with just .03% THC as well as with 5-10 MG of THC and CBD in each packet. My favorite ratio was the 1:1 (Balanced). It’s GMO Free, Sugar Free, Keto Friendly, Vegan and Gluten-Free. The product has no taste to it at all and is a perfect additive for anyone wanting to try CBD in a lower dosage and/or with THC.


Taylor H.

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