Receptra CBD Oil Review

After literally trying over 10 types of CBD oils on the global market to holistically address chronic joint pain, fatigue, discomfort, and mobility loss due to my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sjogren’s Syndrome, the one product that I have consistently stuck with as a repeat customer is Fresh Berry Receptra CBD Oil by Receptra Health and Wellness.

Specifically, I use the 1500 mg-1 oz type once a day before bedtime. I purchase it online directly from their website, as linked above. They enticed me initially because of their Colorado-made claims, their discounts, the impressive brand transparency as far as third party testing, and their attempt to mask the smell and taste that can make or break a relationship with standard CBD oil types.

As a result, I have witnessed impressive improvement in my mobility, energy levels, and pain management. I have not filled or taken any prescription autoimmune medications after discovering “this berry badass against joint pain!” I have less fatigue in the morning after taking the product, decreased joint pain overall, and diminished stiffness from head to toe. Even my blood work from the last year has been stabilized as far as all the autoimmune markers since regularly using this product as a supplement to my low acid diet, yoga, stretching, and other proactive routines. While I do not herald it as a cure by any means, it has been my “BFF” against pain. It has made major strides in my physical, socioemotional and psychological wellness. I am even doing burpies again after trying it for over 1 year!

Stacy S. Pittsburgh, PA, USA, age 46


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