Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Oil Review

I bought Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Oil softgels. The full spectrum softgels and not the isolate formula. Being a retired chef from the Culinary Institute of America, I am very sensitive to ill-tasting flavors. Even the flavored tinctures that I can detect a hint of underlying, ill-tasting undertones. Sometimes these flavored ones are even worse tasting than the natural unflavored versions. With the softgels, it just goes right now smoothly with no unpleasant taste. I would take these if I needed a good night’s rest or if I needed to bring my blood pressure down from a stressful day.

I have tried almost all their products down to the teas. Also, I purchased a wide variety of their ready-made product and samples for re-sale. This is an unique perspective on a review since I am a CBD dog treat manufacturer, and I vet my suppliers well. I did a facility tour with Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD. They are reputable, solid and care about quality and compliance as much as I do. They are a vertically integrated manufacturing who does complete seed to sale, including lab testing. I have turned on several of my friends to this company because their full spectrum products work and I know from direct experience, that they are a solid company.


Jennifer C.

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