Pachamama CBD Cream Review

For this Pachamama CBD Cream review to make sense, I must first give you some background. When I was 18, I experienced some major issues with my knees. Every few months one of my knees would swell up to an ungodly size, become very hot and I would almost lose the ability to walk due to how painful it was. At the same time, but not nearly as bothersome as not being able to walk, my knuckles would swell and my hands were stiff.

This carried on for several years and I would see different doctors and they would different things to try to help. They put me on a steady diet of narcotic painkillers and steroids. I was not functioning and needed help. Eventually, I found cannabis, and it helped. I cut way down on my medication. My flares are few and far between, but I was stoned all day. That is not a way to live, at least for me.

On recommendation from a budtender, I went to a store called Auer that is in my city. They do all things CBD, and I mean everything. First, I tried their CBD Full Spectrum Tincture 250 mg. The relief I got was almost comparable to the cannabis I had been smoking. The best part, my head was clear. Then I got adventurous.

Now after having tried almost everything they carry, I have settled on the Pachamama CBD Cream 850mg along with the tincture I mentioned earlier. Since starting this journey I now work a fairly intensive job in sales, I’m off most of my medications and I’m happy living a normal life. If you are interested or are suffering from pain stemming from arthritis, do yourself a favor. Please check out Auer. I believe they ship all over the United States.

Kevin S.

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