Owe Uself CBD Oil Review

My best friend and I have both taken Owe Uself CBD oil and we absolutely love it. On her account, she added it to her hot chocolate to soothe her menstrual cramps. Within roughly 15 minutes she felt a relief and soothing of the sincere pain. It was such a huge help to her, and she swears by it.

On my account: I took it during finals seasons after feeling insanely stressed all day long. I had been hashing away at academic papers and research the entire week. I was on my final push to get through my final paper of the exam ridden week. After running to my professor’s office at full speed to get my paper in on time, I could not shake the anxiety I felt. I took some of the Owe Uself CBD oil and immediately felt such a relief. I couldn’t believe how much it helped my anxiety. This is going to be my go-to method for stress relief. I’ve also taken it for menstrual cramps, and it’s been such a life changing experience! My pain tolerance is extremely low, so this is something I will always implement in my life.


Adah-Dextrious D.

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