Nutiva Hempseed Oil Review

I first tried hemp oil a few months ago – it sounded like it would be a healthy addition to my diet, and I figured I’d give Nutiva a shot. I was absolutely in love after the first salad. I’ve been drizzling on just a little bit of ranch dressing, then about 3 times as much Nutiva hempseed oil, onto a large salad of baby spinach, shredded slaw mix, mushrooms, diced garlic, and a chopped Gala apple; then, after dressing it, topping all that with turkey, or ham, and cheese. For my taste buds, that is truly heaven. I plan to use it on ALL the different incarnations my salad-making takes in the future. Nutiva Hempseed Oil will be a permanent part of my kitchen from now on.

Shawn H.

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