Mitzvah CBD Oil Review

I am a high school athlete who suffers from a crippling generalized anxiety disorder. For as long as I can remember, I have dealt with chronic anxiety and panic attacks to the point where it severely affects my day to day life. It prevents me from doing things that I enjoy like going out with friends, and even from things that I need to do like going to school For as long as I can remember I have been in and out of therapy and have tried everything from SSRIs to meditation to help cope with my anxiety, however, nothing ever truly helped. I thought that my anxiety would remain completely uncontrollable and I almost gave up on ever trying to treat it, I had resided to the fact that I would be suffering from anxiety for the rest of my life. That is until a friend who runs a CBD company (Mitzvah Herbal) recommended me a tincture with a dose of 90mg per day. I was skeptical at first but after a few days, I began to notice that I was having significantly less common and severe anxiety attacks. Mitzvah CBD Oil has improved my quality of life more than I can begin to explain, I can go out with friends, I can finally go to the store without needing to worry about having a panic attack! I would confidently recommend CBD to anyone who suffers from any form of anxiety.

The product is 500mg Good Day CBD + Terpenes Tincture

Simmy G.

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