Magu CBD Oil Review

I’m a nervous person. I have been my whole life. There are many with similar issues who know that when you have anxiety, everybody seems to have their own (unasked for) opinion about what you should do to make yourself feel better. I’ve tried many prescriptions and over the counter remedies but without much luck.The latest substance on my quest to “chill out” was Magu CBD oil. Here’s how it worked for me.

I purchased a bottle of Magu 10% from a local shop and gave it a try. At home I followed the directions which simply stated to consume one full dropper of oil. I chose to mix it with a glass of water to make it easier to swallow. And then I waited. And waited. Ultimately I did not end up feeling any different. But I thought it possible that because I wasn’t experiencing acute anxiety, that was the reason I didn’t find it generally helpful.

So I waited until a time where I had to review for a big final and my anxiety was through the roof. I grabbed my bottle of CBD oil and tried again. Still nothing. I ended up having to take an anti-anxiety medication my doctor gave me instead.

I will keep the oil and try it again sometime, but for the time being I am disappointed because, as I’m sure you know, a lot of people swear by this stuff. I guess it’s just not for me.

Katherine M.

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