Irwin Natural CBD Review

I am a creative that mainly focuses on architectural and interior design. I work long hours as a freelancer and often on very tight deadlines. I also am beginning to study for my professional licenses and dabble in other creative outlets to help control my anxiety, stress, and racing thoughts. However, I have never been able to use these outlets to completely control until I tried CBD. I have had some trouble finding the proper brands and the proper dosage but recently have been able to successfully use it in order to help with these issues.

I am currently using Irwin Natural CBD 250MG, Peppermint flavor. The serving size is two half droppers or one full dropper essentially, however I typically am fine with a half dropper for my entire workday. I used to put it in my tea but because of the oily texture I have begun taking it directly and that has worked a lot better as well. I purchased it from Vitamin Shoppe in Washington D.C.

I would say that this has definitely allowed me to improve my lifestyle and mental health. I am able to focus, have a clearer mind and am just more generally relaxed throughout my day, which makes it easier for me to get through all the things I have to do during my day. Normally I get through my days and at the end I feel like I’ve g one through a tornado successfully, but now at the end of my day I can close my computer and just feel calm. I can now leave work at work and spend quality time with my family when the time comes.

Alexis C.

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