How I Found the Right CBD Oil Dosage

Hi! I wanna talk about the amount of CBD oil I use, the dosage, but first I wanna give a little background of why I’m using it and how it’s affecting me. This is my CBD oil.

Now, I started using CBD oil because my friend was using it. She was very stressed, and she was a little bit depressed, and she was a full-time worker, and she was also a single mother. So, she was having a lot of down days, but she didn’t want to really take really strong prescription medications, so she decided to try CBD oil, because one of her family members had tried it, so she tried it, and it’s been two months since she’s been using, and she’s been doing well. I’ve seen this changing her. She’s been more happier, more relaxed, so i’m glad that.

So, I decided i’m going to just give it a try, because I have bad anxiety. But I don’t take prescription medications for it, and I was taking these stress gummies for it, and they were giving me headaches, and I had to stop it. So, i decided hey let’s give this a try. I was skeptical about it. I did a lot of research on CBD oil and decided to just try it, since it’s working on my friend. It could work on me.

It’s been about a week and two days since I have first started using it, and, honestly, i have not seen any big differences. Maybe because I just started. I don’t see any big differences. I have seen little differences like I am more relaxed, and I’m more like calmed and chilled so that’s helpful. So, I am going to continue using.

Now the dosage. I take two thirds of a dropper. That is the recommended dosage for the type of CBD oil I’m taking. Now you can take more, or you can take less, but I chose to take the recommended dosage, because i was very like skeptical on taking more or, you know, I’m just going to play by the book, kind of, and just take the recommended dosage which is two-thirds of a dropper. And, it seems to be working right with me. I don’t have no problems. I don’t need to take more, you know. I think that’s the right dosage for me. I mean you can take more, or if you feel like it’s too much you can take less. It just all depends on how your body kind of reacts to it, you know, how you feel about it. You can take more or less, but i just take the recommended dose, and that’s enough.

Hopefully this helps anybody that needs to know how does the dosage work.