Hippie & French CBD Oil Review

I currently use Hippie and French CBD oil 1200 MG full-spectrum. They have
three flavors available, but I use the peppermint or the “Chill AF” personally. I am really sensitive to a lot of strong cannabis flavors and this oil is perfect for me because the flavor isn’t too strong, just enough to know the full profile of the cannabis plant is in the bottle. I primarily use CBD oil to help me sleep and I take anywhere between 80-120MG about half an hour before I go to bed. If I know I’m going to have a particularly stressful day then I will start my day with 40MG of the oil. I find that it has really allowed me to stay asleep and get more restful sleep.

The beautiful anti-anxiety properties are able to just give my brain a breather, and chill out. I feel like my overall health and energy levels have risen and since committing to using Hippie and French CBD regularly and I recommend it to many people with sleep issues. I purchased this product directly from the store in Pittsburgh (but it is available online as well!) It costs $98 for the 1200MG bottle, but it is fully
worth the price.


Christopher F.

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