Herbivore Botanicals CBD Oil Review

I use 2 drops from Herbivore Botanicals CBD Oil – Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil (100 mg) in the morning and 4-5 at night. I like to put this on right after I wash my face. It never gets that tight stretch feeling or makes me itch. It is calming and I feel like my face which is usually a bit red on contact from anything is actually normal! I will absolutely be using this daily. I really like the feel of this serum, which is not so heavy that it will make my skin greasy if I follow with the moisturizer.

Living in a very humid climate is a challenge. The Emerald line has been very helpful in eliminating my hormonal breakouts and balancing my skin’s moisture content. No more oily spots next to dry patches, and no more pimples! I am very pleased with the Herbivore Botanical products. I searched for a very long time to find an effective routine for my changing skin. The starter kit is generous enough to really give you an idea of whether the products will work for you.


Jennifer H.

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