FlavRx Premium Hemp CBD Oil Salve Review

Allow me to start off the subject with a little background, having dealt with chronic back and joint pain starting in 2015 after the military, there wasn’t much in the way of pain relief lest I ask for a prescription from a doctor. Even though insurance would cover the medicine the side effects were brutal, that’s why CBD oil became a necessity, not only for its relative ease of use but lack of side effects if any. The following products will give a personal account as to why they were not effective as intended and offer a better comparison.

            The FlavRx Premium Hemp CBD oil Salve at 50mg 1.5oz was a good start and smelled amazing, but the effects of the medicine were not readily felt. Once applied to the area you prefer, any small aches and sores will relax. Due to the low dosage I wouldn’t recommend it for any chronic or severe pain. In comparison to The Papa and Barkley CBD Hemp oil balm at 180mg for the same price but bigger size, 2oz/$30. At quick glance the decisive winner is clear, the main issues I found with FlavRx’s product was the low CBD dose, additionally the CBD oil would separate from the other ingredients requiring the need to mix before application.

            There is a myriad of CBD oil infusions, however, if salves and creams aren’t your preference then consider tinctures as your go to alternative. One such example is Proof’s 20:1 CBD tincture at 0.51oz/300mg for $35, you can’t go wrong when a few sublingual drops are enough for immediate relief. Even though the ratio is heavy on CBD, it still has a low amount of THC which can be an issue if you’re operating machinery or need to properly focus at home/work. Another issue was the consistency, being coconut oil it would coat the inside of your mouth and leave a persistent aftertaste. On the contrary, Carter’s Aromatherapy Design(CAD) tincture is on the low end of 1oz/125mg for $28, but you are sacrificing potency for a better tasting tincture. The end result with either side is a deeper relief for joint pain and even headaches.

            In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best in CBD oil related products, it’s very important to look at how many milligrams of CBD are present in comparison to other ingredients, price, and type of CBD extracted for the infusion. This can lead many to feeling overwhelmed, but hopefully this article can help you glean useful information.


Alfonso F.