Enjoyable CBD Oil Review

I use Enjoyable CBD oil. I use full-spectrum. This is the first-time I’ve gotten that brand. I have used PAPA AND BARKLEY and a couple others (Canndescent?). I always am afraid of potency varying and always pay a lot …and get 1000 mg per small bottle if possible. That’ll be 30ish milligrams for a milliliter.

Results? Well, a doctor told me about loading….so I did 20-25mg four times a day for a couple weeks…to get to therapeutic level. They half that. I find Enjoyable CBD makes me slightly more easygoing and no psychoactivity otherwise. Sleep is better. I make sure I take one serving middle of night. Even if it is the placebo effect, it has helped my sleep. Slightly helps pain, which is my main reason for taking it. However, for me CBD definitely enhances the pain-reducing power of THC. It also means less THC is needed for pain reduction.


Christopher H.

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