Creating Better Days CBD Oil Review

Hello, my name is Renee E. I am 27 years old and have tried a handful of different CBD brands. To begin with, I bought 1000 mg of CBD oil from a company called Appalachian Cannabis Company, This CBD seemed very weak, the taste of coconut oil was more apparent than any other brand I have used. Years later I became employed at a local vape shop that sells a brand called Creating Better Days. Before I found this brand, I lost faith in the idea that CBD could help me. I was gifted a bottle of Creating Better Days CBD Oil 1000 mg and it changed my entire perspective.

My anxiety decreased immediately and the effects lasted for two hours. My friend uses this brand for her son, who has severe autism. She followed a particular dosing schedule and her son began talking and exploring new environments within a month. The same brand She and I used, was sold to the customers at the vape shop. I had the honor of helping people with Parkinson’s Disease find immediate relief. When they would come into the store incapable of functioning, I would place three to four drops of Creating Better Days CBD Oil under their tongue and watch the tremors disappear within a minute. It was truly a rewarding experience to see the relief wash over them. CBD may not play a huge role in my life but for many people around me, it is vital. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience.

Renee E.

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