Colorado Cures CBD Oil Review

My father uses Colorado Cures CBD oil for back and neck pain and anxiety. He has used it for approximately 6 months. The oil has been beneficial for him. His pain has decreased and anxiety symptoms have improved somewhat. The strength is 500mg/30ml. The dose is one dropper full every 6-8 hours as needed. He places the oil under the tongue and felt to sit for 30-60 seconds then swallow the rest.

He recommends the use of Colorado Cures CBD oils for people with similar conditions like his. The oil eases his pain to a tolerable level and really decreases his symptoms of stress. He is able to be more active and enjoy activities he once liked to do. He enjoys going to outdoor sales, so before leaving home he uses the CBD oil and by the time he arrives his pain and anxiety is controlled. With this product he has regained some of his life back.

Douglas H.

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