Cloud N9ne CBD Review

As someone who has suffered from severe anxiety for the past 8 years, It was very hard to find something that wasn’t my prescribed medication to put me at ease. I no longer wanted to depend on my anxiety medication to help calm me down from my regular nightly panic attacks. Around 3 years ago is when I came across and the life changing Cloud N9ne Syrup. It is a CBD syrup that you can mix into any drink (my personal favorites being ginger ale, lemonade, and sprite) that is also infused with melatonin. As I said previously, most of my panic attacks would happen nightly, keeping me up far past my bedtime and all around making for a rough night with little to no sleep, Cloud N9ne really gives me the best sleep I’ve ever had in my life and I no longer take melatonin supplements because this really does the job. It gives you the feeling of being completely at ease and I feel like I’ve gotten a more restful sleep after drinking it, I wake up in the morning fully rested and ready to start my day. Not to mention how it’s helped with my chronic back pain, migarines, stomach aches and more. It comes in a wide variety of flavors like strawberry, apple, blue raspberry, bubblegum, grape, cherry and watermelon. It also comes unflavored! I have tried every flavor and personally blue raspberry and apple are my favorites. I promise if you try this product you will not regret it. You will never have a bad night’s sleep again. Not to mention they have a wonderful customer service team and are just an all around great company, they have many cbd products in stock such as gummies, lotions, lip balms, CBD vape juice and more!


Jessica L.

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