CBDPure Hemp Oil Review

CBDPure hemp oil was the first CBD product I tried. Now an avid CBD user, I started using CBD for pain management around 2016, before CBD products became widely available in stores. As I could not find the product locally in stores, CBDPure’s products were an easily accessible online option. I was interested in trying CBD oil, and upon doing some research, CBDPure seemed like the perfect beginner CBD product.

Firstly, their oil offerings ranged in both price and potency. Given that CBD products are notoriously pricey, I wanted an affordable option to test out CBD. There were many other brands available, but at higher prices. I did not want to risk a lot of money on a product I had never tried before. I chose the lowest cost option, which also came at a lower potency. For someone who needed a mild potency for light pain or relaxation, this is a great option. However, I was looking for a stronger effectiveness out of the CBD oil, so I had to take larger dosages to get the desired effect. Hence why I eventually purchased a higher potency CBD oil down the line.


What I also liked about CBDPure is the high quality of the product—the CBD oil was rich in color. The color is a sign of a high quality hemp oil, pure, and made from organic ingredients. Having a high-quality, natural CBD oil was important to me, which is why I chose CBDPure. CBDPure also uses independent labs to quality check their products, another important thing to look for in CBD brands.The only downside to this product is the taste. Because it is an oil, the natural hemp taste is apparent, which took a while for me to get used to. Overall CBDPure is a quality brand. Because of its’ product variety, it is able to offer a range of potency and cost options, which makes it perfect for fist-time CBD users.

CBDPure Hemp Oil: https://www.cbdpure.com

Annie H.

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