CBD Dosage for Dogs – Expert Advice

Welcome to the edition of CBD dosage for dogs. This is majority of the questions that we get at Bark Avenue Hemp Treats.

How much do I give my dog?

Unfortunately, there really is no hard and fast rules on how much to dose your dog, but, in general, we like to start the dog out from anywhere from one to two milligrams of CBD per pound of dog, but that also largely depends on the age, size and condition of your dog.

Let’s just say mine like here. She’s about 42 pounds, so i give her 5 milligrams of CBD per treat per dosing session. But if I know that it’s fireworks time, fourth of July, and she’s deathly afraid, then I usually will give her three or four just before I know that the fireworks is about to start.

For most of our clients you’re going to see they might be like older dogs that have arthritis issues. You probably also want to give them, I would say, a two milligram dose to start, at least for the first week, to build up the levels like three times a day. And once you start to see that they feel a little bit better, then you can put them down to like a maintenance of one milligram per pound of dog, twice a day, instead of three times a day.

If you’ve got a dog maybe that has cancer, you’re probably going to want to up that dose even more so. Simply because the dog is in pain, there’s really no risk of over-dose. At most, maybe one of the side effects that I’ve seen, that’s fairly common, is that they do get diarrhea. Just like humans, when you take a little bit too much CBD, you know, sometimes you can get a little bit of that loose stool as well, so you can just monitor your dog with that.

But, I believe to start, start them off with one to two milligrams per pound, for one week three times a day. And then once they you know start to get a little bit better and feel a little bit better, you guys know your pet the best. I give my dog at least three treats a day, three times a day. She’s nine years old, believe it or not, but she’s been on CBD for about four years now.

Hopefully you guys will reap some of the benefits of CBD for your pet. And, feel free to give us a holler or drop us a line at Bark Avenue Hemp Treats, if you have anymore questions about dosing your animals, and best of luck to you. We hope to hear from you!


Jennifer C.