CBD Facial Care

You may or may not know that the latest trend for facial care is oil-based washes. The idea behind oil-based facial cleansers is oil bonds better to oil than it does to soap, meaning that more grime, dirt and dead skin cells can be removed. If you wash with an oil-based cleanser, you can feel confident that the day’s dirt, grime and makeup has been successfully removed from your face.

Well, I thought, what better oil to try for this method besides CBD? It has a lot of perks that make it a good option as a face cleanser. For one, it helps to prevent extra oil production on your face (unlike other cleansers which dry your face out, requiring your skin to release more oil). Secondly, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which can help prevent puffiness and red spots.

However, the number one reason I was interested in using CBD on my face is its
acne-prevention properties. CBD oil removes unwanted oil, dead skin cells and any other dirt that clogs your pores which ultimately cause breakouts.

To that end, I have found that the best way to wash your face with CBD oil is to mix a few drops of CBD into your normal daily cleanser. Just let a few drops fall to your fingertips and mix with your usual face wash. To be sure that all of the CBD and the grime it picked up are off of your face, use a soft washcloth to rinse. And of course, always use a toner afterwards to re-balance the pH of your skin.

It’s been a month now since I have followed this routine and have noticed that my skin looks brighter, healthier and most of all – no acne to speak of! I would really recommend adding CBD oil to your daily facial care routine as there are no unpleasant side effects and best of all, it works!

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