Cascade Valley CBD Oil Review

Cascade Valley CBD Oil / Cannabis is a company that I personally look to for my own usage. Specifically, I tried their AC/DC CBD, 1 gram pre-roll and as usual, they didn’t disappoint.

Being this was the first time I tried smoking CBD rather than the tinctures, I would say the experience overall was great. The taste was smooth, it came properly wrapped and smelt really good too.

The effects of Cascade Valley CBD were up to par, if not above what my standard of expectations were. Within only minutes my body was feeling relaxed, any anxiety I may have had was that of the past. I was just overall feeling great. I didn’t feel tired or like I needed to lay down. It is something important to me, because I wanted something I could take and still be productive with my day.

The effects lasted for a few hours before they slowly started wearing off, but by then I was done for the day. I was able to fully run errands, do yard work and still be able to sit down at the end of the day and watch TV.

Overall, I was impressed with Cascade Valley CBD and was left with another positive experience from Cascade Valley. I’ll definitely get more once I run out.

Gaige B.

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