Care by Design CBD Review

I use CBD oil, and it makes a big difference in my life, and consequently I would highly recommend it to anyone! There are no serious side effects with the CBD oil the way there are with prescription sleeping medications. I buy my product from a store called Harborside in San Jose, California. I have used several different kinds of CBD oil. I settled on Care By Design as my favorite, and that’s what I use as long as it isn’t sold out. My dosage is 100 Mg. per bottle, and I use one dropper full a night. I have tried mail order through an email advertisement for a product called Ultra Origins CBD, and while it works, I don’t find it as effective as the Care By Design, and I like the fact that Care By Design comes in several different flavors.

I am a big believer in the positive qualities of CBD oil, both for humans, and also we even put some drops on my dogs treats before we take long car trips with him, and it helps calm him down during the extensive time he’s in the car. I also like the fact that you can so easily regulate exactly how much you use because the droppers are calibrated.

Willard S.

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