Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil Review

Signature 6x Full Spectrum

This company has been around since 2012. It was the first company I bought from when I started Bark Avenue Hemp Treats, a CBD dog treat manufacturing company in Colorado. I purchased Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil wholesale from them for a good amount of time. All their full spectrum tinctures have all be very effective. I’ve seen this industry mature and change, just like their tinctures. But their quality has always been very consistent throughout the growth and sophistication of the industry.

I used to buy their Signature 6x Full Spectrum oil because I preferred something that was more concentrated. A little goes a long way. Mainly, so as not to endure the ill-tasting flavors that all tinctures possess. Plus, I didn’t want my dogs to have to endure this in the CBD dog treat recipes as well.

Their full spectrum products are the way to go because this is a whole plant extract that includes ALL the cannabionoids and not just the CBD’s. This way you get the full benefit of the “Entourage Effect”

Bluebird Botanicals CBD has a soft spot in my heart due to us almost starting together and growing together. Buyers will not be disappointed with the consistency of their quality and choice of CBD strain.

Jennifer C.

Signature Hemp Extract

CBD oil helps curb my cravings for marijuana and helps me stay focused. Starting in college, I started self-medicating with daily marijuana use. I found many unconventional benefits from this and found it to be beneficial when studying, socializing, and more. However, this was not without its disadvantages, especially long-term.

A few years ago I started to take CBD oil more seriously. It took me a while to really feel and comprehend the effects, and each brand seems slightly different. The benefits I find from CBD oil are decreased anxiety, a clearer head, moderately increased focus, and an increase in general well being. I now actively promote CBD oil to everyone as an anti-anxiety supplement. I am a huge proponent of its effects and potential to improve peoples’ lives.

I have tried a few different brands, and am still relatively new to using CBD oil. I was skeptical about it for a long time until I really understood what it felt like.

I started with Signature Hemp Extract (500+ mg cannabinoids per 60 mL bottle, 4.2+ mg per serving) from Bluebird Botanicals CBD, an online store that I would recommend for decently priced, good value CBD.

I also tried CBD flower from a website called Calypso, and ordered oil from there as well. The Calypso oil has 1,000mg CBD in a 30 mL bottle (33mg per serving), and it’s very high quality.

Lastly, I am a huge fan of online retailer Charlotte’s Web hemp extract with olive oil. This one comes in a 30 mL bottle and advertises 17 mg of cannabinoids per 1 mL.

Michael M.

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