Best CBD Oil for Easing Pain

Organabus CBD Oil Review

I’ve been using Organabus CBD Oil for a few years now, and I can honestly say that it has made my life better. I purchased my bottles directly from their website. I was skeptical of its usefulness at first, expecting it to be snake oil, just another fad. That was not the case.

This CBD Tincture has a slight woody taste, an herbal honey flavor that is tantalizing to your taste buds. It doesn’t take long for its calming effects to kick in. Personally, this CBD has immensely helped with my anxiety, bringing me back from the verge of many panic attacks.

On several occasions, a dropper or two has even helped with the rare gallbladder attack, the tincture easing the muscles of my core enough for the pain to pass. I have also struggled for years with my insomnia, sometimes struggling to fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning. This CBD has helped so much with my insomnia, a single dropper helping me relax enough to sleep on my worst nights.

I would honestly recommend this product for everyone. It has helped so much in my life, and is a staple in my home, likely for many more years to come.

Katie P.

Katie P.

Loud Lollies CBD Candy Review

Loud Lollies CBD Candy is my favorite. They come in several different flavors and they come in a few strength options. Portland Oregon is where these vegan lollipops are made. Completely gluten free with no preservatives and infused with high grade CBD oil, these are the perfect way to ease pain. No THC content makes Loud Lollies the best choice of hard candy for me.

With over 15 flavors to choose from, I never get tired of this brand of candy. I use Loud Lollies CBD when I am looking for a longer lasting effect. The time it takes to enjoy the lollipops helps produce a time released CBD pain relief. Using one of these while waiting to begin a physically challenging activity helps ensure that I have the stamina and endurance to press on to the end. Loud Lollies are available at most marijuana dispensaries in Oregon. It seems like at least one or two of the shops in every town has a supply. Flavors usually vary from store to store but the price is mostly consistent. For only a few dollars, this product will provide a lasting result and great flavor.

Kenneth S.

Uncle Bud’s CBD Oil Review

I have been using Uncle Bud’s CBD Oil in the spray bottle (120mg) for a few months now. I picked this bottle up at T.J MAXX, but usually I get my Uncle Bud’s products online or some Walmart’s! 

The instructions say about 3-4 sprays per day, but I find that I use about 6-8 a day. I developed arthritis pretty early as a kid, and spent years trying different prescriptions that just never took away the pain completely in all my joints. When I finally tried Uncle Bud’s CBD Oil, I was excited because I use THC to help with the pain typically. Being able to spray a few squirts before working double shifts at work without getting the THC side effects was life changing! The spray bottle makes it easy for me to get to the harder to reach areas that I always needed help rubbing in with lotions I’ve bought in the past. It’s infused with Coconut oil which leaves a refreshing mist over your body, and it doesn’t hurt that it leaves you moisturized throughout the day too! 

Disclaimer: I use 6-8 squirts because I re-spray throughout the day, but I don’t know if this is recommended for your CBD needs.

Isabelle P.

Sisters of the Valley CBD Oil Review

Like most other first time users of CBD oil, I was quite uncertain about what to expect from Sisters of the Valley CBD Oil. Trying new and unconventional things scares me, especially when it relates to medication. As an artist that paints almost daily, growing older meant that my thumb and wrist area had developed tendonitis pain. It has become almost too painful to even hold a brush. Having tried so many medications, it’s not surprise that I was a little skeptical about how a small bottle of CBD oil would heal me.

My wife wouldn’t stop disturbing me to give it a try after she saw testimonies on Facebook. I decided to look it up and found that the product is not psychoactive. It means that it wouldn’t get a person high, and it wouldn’t cause a person to fail a drug test. I tried the salve once and was surprised at the level of relief it brought and would highly recommend the infused oil too. I have issues with anxiety and joint pains and I can tell that it has helped greatly. I’m glad I made the decision to buy Sisters of the Valley CBD.

Francis N.

Stratos CBD Oil Review

I’ve been using Stratos CBD Oil on and off for about a year now. I use weed to deal with nausea and pain, and often I can smoke to ease my symptoms. But there are plenty of times where I am nauseous and sore in the morning before work, and I can’t smoke weed. This product is perfect for those situations. I use the CBD 500 Isolate. A typical dose for me is about 1 dropper or 10mgs of CBD. This amount is pretty much perfect for me in day to day life. I feel better, I function normally, and honestly, I feel clearer than when I take an over the counter pain killer.

I’m incredibly grateful for the large number of days I’ve been able to move past how I feel in the morning by using Stratos CBD Isolate. It’s great to be able to have the benefits of weed, without feeling high. This product has definitely allowed me to reach my full potential and function in the way I know I should! It makes me feel good and lets me stay productive!

Seth F.

WYLD CBD Gummies Review

WYLD CBD Gummies edibles work better for my neck pain than many over the counter pills do. After work or after working out, one single 25mg gummy takes the pain away. A 250mg box from the liquor store costs less than the same box at the dispensary although, the dispensary has many more options of flavors and strengths. This bottle contains 10 snacks that last me 2 weeks or longer making them stay within the budget.

The best part about any CBD oil product is the freedom provided to live an active and pain free lifestyle. Without these WYLD CBD Gummies, the hiking and backpacking trips would be near impossible. WYLD lemon flavored, infused with real fruit taste as amazing as they work. The huckleberry flavored CBD gummy is equally as delicious. This product has no THC in it whatsoever making it a preferred option for many people due to it not actually giving the feeling of being high. Many employers frown upon THC being used at the workplace or by employees but do not imply CBD restrictions. As I get older, more aches and pains and stiffness and soreness are becoming noticed, CBD helps.

Kenneth S.

Ohio CBD Guy Review

After having my daughter two years ago, I began having sharp and immobilizing pains in all of my fingers. The pain and stiffness got so bad that I just knew I had arthritis. After several tests and doctor visits, no one could explain the pain or prescribe anything that would keep the pain away. Then an old coworker of mine suggested I try using a CBD salve. Well versed in the benefits of CBD oil, he used Ohio CBD Guy’s topical for years on his own joint pain, highly recommended I check it out.

I bought my first CBD full spectrum topical salve from the Ohio CBD Guy. With a potency of 1000 mg, I was thoroughly impressed by the effectiveness of the salve. Upon massaging a generous amount unto my hands, I can feel almost immediate relief. I apply it daily like I do any other lotion and it has tremendously improved my lifestyle. Before my hands would cramp and stiffen when I would do even the simplest of task, such as opening a jar or doing my daughters hair. Now I have my full range of motion back which is the best feeling!

Brittney P.

SunMed CBD Oil Review

My wife and I started taking SunMed CBD oil together, but for very separate or different reasons. My wife suffers from really bad PTSD and has extreme anxiety. The doctors really would prescribe her with any type of medicine or supplement that she needed, so we looked into alternative methods for her. Low and behold CBD oils! Since taking them she has been calmer and more comfortable with her surroundings. She has become confident in herself again in a way that I had not seen in along time. This I attribute to the CBD oil.

It wasn’t until after this that I started to wonder if CBD oil would work on people for other issues. After some waiting I decided that I myself would partake in the CBD oils and see if they could help with my achy joint. To my utter amazement the very next day I started feeling better. My joints ached less and my over all body just felt better. CBD oil has changed my wife’s and my life forever. And although it’s not a miracle drug and everything of ours isn’t cured, it’s as close as we have ever gotten to that.

Jeffrey H.

Water Soluble Oil at 600mg

I use Sunmed CBD brand, water soluble oil at 600mg and the candies. I purchase it at The CBD Store Southaven, Mississippi and just use it for stress regulation I’ve experienced some grievous hormonal changes after a miscarriage a year ago. This product has helped keep my hormones in check, I rest very well at night, I’m calm, no mood swings. I’ve also noticed that I’m more regular in the rest room which was an issue for several years even before the miscarriage.

I’ve recommended it to my boyfriend whose 45 and suffers from high blood pressure. He was very sceptacle because neither of us smoke or drink and didn’t want the THC effects. This particular brand gives the fix without the high. I’ve also recommended it to my mom’s husband whom suffered from cancer, for months he complained of agonizing pain and was Africa’s of pain meds.. He purchased it at a wimping $75, but said it was the best thing he’s ever used and being that he’s a recovering drug addict he truly appreciated that there was no high. I recommended this for anyone and may get into the business as well, its truly a gift, no side effects, no addiction, and truly helps with most medical conditions unlike Ned prescribed by the medical industry. I pray they don’t ban it.

Tiara B.

SunMed CBD Gummies

When I was in undergrad, I self-medicated with weed to deal with my severe anxiety and stress. As an adult, I migrated to benzodiazepines. However, my stress and anxiety is ever-present, and taking highly addictive medications with negative side effects just wasn’t a long term solution for me. During a particularly trying time in my life, about a year ago, I decided to try CBD and see what would happen. There was definitely a little trial and error figuring out the right dosage for me, but CBD quickly became the best quick-fix available for the stomach aches, sweating, racing heart, and jumbled thoughts that accompany my anxiety.

SUNMED gummies are my go-to for day-to-day support. Each 10mg candy gives me a calm that enables me to function even during the most stressful scenarios. I will say that some of the gummy bears have a flavor strongly reminiscent of pot brownies. If you had bad experiences with special brownies, maybe choose the peach rings or hard candies instead. The variety of SUNMED candies has allowed me to find flavors I like, but with each piece consistently dosed at 10mg, there’s never a guessing game. I take one, give myself a few minutes, focus on my breathing, and I’m soon in a much better headspace

Elizabeth B.

Hemp Synergy Review

I like to go gym and train hard but sometimes my backache pain doesn’t let me continue my routine and my muscles pain, but when I started to use the Recover Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil Inflammation Cream (1500 mg) by Hemp Synergy, I couldn’t believe the relief I had. It helped me to reduce the pain and give me a more comfortable sensation to my body through my workouts.

Shawn H.

Active Botanical CBD Oil Review

I’ve cardiovascular problems, arthritis and osteoporosis, and the pain I feel is horrible. I decided to ask a naturist and he recommend me to use the Active Botanical CBD Oil. Therapeutic Formulation – 12,000mg Tincture. It recommends me to begin with a 25mg/day doses but then duplicate after 3 weeks of usage. I’ve feel much more relief than my normal capsules I take for the pain, also improved me on the sleeping, even though it changed my appetite a little bit.

John G.