Best CBD Oil for Easing Pain

Uncle Bud’s CBD Review

I have been using Uncle Bud’s Ultra Strength CBD Oil in the spray bottle (120mg) for a few months now. I picked this bottle up at T.J MAXX, but usually I get my Uncle Bud’s products online or some Walmart’s! 

The instructions say about 3-4 sprays per day, but I find that I use about 6-8 a day. I developed arthritis pretty early as a kid, and spent years trying different prescriptions that just never took away the pain completely in all my joints. When I finally tried CBD, I was excited because I use THC to help with the pain typically. Being able to spray a few squirts before working double shifts at work without getting the THC side effects was life changing! The spray bottle makes it easy for me to get to the harder to reach areas that I always needed help rubbing in with lotions I’ve bought in the past. It’s infused with Coconut oil which leaves a refreshing mist over your body, and it doesn’t hurt that it leaves you moisturized throughout the day too! 

Disclaimer: I use 6-8 squirts because I re-spray throughout the day, but I don’t know if this is recommended for your CBD needs.

Isabelle P.

Sisters of the Valley CBD Review

Infused CBD Oil 500MG

Like most other first time users of CBD oil, I was quite uncertain about what to expect from this product. Don’t blame me, I’ve always been scared of trying new unconventional things, especially when it relates to medication. As an artist that paints almost daily, growing older meant that my thumb and wrist area had developed tendonitis pain that became almost too painful to even hold a brush. Having tried so many medications, it’s not surprise that I was a little skeptical about how a small bottle of CBD oil would heal me.

My wife wouldn’t stop disturbing me to give it a try after she saw testimonies on Facebook. I decided to look it up and the first thing that caught my attention was that the product is not psychoactive, meaning that it wouldn’t get a person high and it wouldn’t cause a person to fail a drug test. I tried using the salve once and was surprised at the level of relief it brought. I highly recommend the infused oil too. I have issues with anxiety and joint pains and I can tell that it has helped greatly. I’m glad I made the decision to buy this product.

Francis N.

Stratos CBD Review

I’ve been using a CBD Isolate on and off for about a year now. I use weed to deal with nausea and pain, and often I can smoke to ease my symptoms. But there are plenty of times where I am nauseous and sore in the morning before work, and I can’t smoke weed. This product is perfect for those situations. I use the CBD 500 Isolate (available from Stratos here: A typical dose for me is about 1 dropper or 10mgs of CBD. This amount is pretty much perfect for me in day to day life. I feel better, I function normally, and honestly, I feel clearer than when I take an over the counter pain killer. I’m incredibly grateful for the large number of days I’ve been able to move past how I feel in the morning by using Stratos. It’s great to be able to have the benefits of weed, without feeling high. This product has definitely allowed me to reach my full potential and function in the way I know I should! It makes me feel good and lets me stay productive!

Seth F.


WYLD CBD gummy edibles work better for my neck pain than many over the counter pills do. After work or after working out, one single 25mg gummy takes the pain away. A 250mg box from the liquor store costs less than the same box at the dispensary although, the dispensary has many more options of flavors and strengths. This bottle contains 10 snacks that last me 2 weeks or longer making them stay within the budget. The best part about any CBD oil product is the freedom provided to live an active and pain free lifestyle. Without these CBD Gummies, the hiking and backpacking trips would be near impossible. WYLD lemon flavored, infused with real fruit taste as amazing as they work. The huckleberry flavored CBD gummy is equally as delicious. This product has no THC in it whatsoever making it a preferred option for many people due to it not actually giving the feeling of being high. Many employers frown upon THC being used at the workplace or by employees but do not imply CBD restrictions. As I get older, more aches and pains and stiffness and soreness are becoming noticed, CBD helps.

Kenneth S.

Ohio CBD Guy Review

After having my daughter two years ago, I began having sharp and immobilizing pains in all of my fingers. The pain and stiffness would get so bad that I just knew I had arthritis. After several tests and doctor visits, no one could explain the pain or prescribe anything that would keep the pain away. Then an old coworker of mine suggested I try using a CBD salve. He was well versed in the benefits of CBD oil, and after using a CBD topical for years on his own joint pain, highly recommended I check it out.

I bought my first CBD full spectrum topical salve from the Ohio CBD Guy. With a potency of 1000 mg, I was thoroughly impressed by the effectiveness of the salve. Upon massaging a generous amount unto my hands, I can feel almost immediate relief. I apply it daily like I do any other lotion and it has tremendously improved my lifestyle. Before my hands would cramp and stiffen when I would do even the simplest of task, such as opening a jar or doing my daughters hair. Now I have my full range of motion back which is the best feeling!

Brittney P.

SunMed CBD Review

Broad Spectrum Tincture, 100 mg per serving, 30 mL per bottle, your CBD store Blackwood New Jersey.

My wife and I started taking CBD oil together, but for very separate or different reasons. My wife suffers from really bad PTSD and has extreme anxiety. The doctors really would prescribe her with any type of medicine or supplement that she needed, so we looked into alternative methods for her. Low and behold CBD oils! Since taking them she has been calmer and more comfortable with her surroundings, and has become confident in herself again in a way that I had not seen in along time. This I attribute to the CBD oil.

It wasn’t until after this that I started to wonder if CBD oil would work on people for other issues. After some waiting I decided that I myself would partake in the CBD oils and see if they could help with my achy joint. To my utter amazement the very next day I started feeling better. My joints ached less and my over all body just felt better. CBD oil has changed my wife’s and my life forever. And although it’s not a miracle drug and everything of ours isn’t cured, it’s as close as we have ever gotten to that.

Jeffrey H.

Water Soluble Oil at 600mg

I use Sunmed CBD brand, water soluble oil at 600mg. I also buy the candies. I purchase it at The CBD Store Southaven, Mississippi. I just use it for stress regulation I’ve experienced some grievous hormonal changes after a miscarriage a year ago. This product has helped keep my hormones in check, I rest very well at night, I’m calm, no mood swings. I’ve also noticed that I’m more regular in the rest room which was an issue for several years even before the miscarriage. I’ve recommended it to my boyfriend whose 45 and suffers from high blood pressure. He was very sceptacle because neither of us smoke or drink and didn’t want the THC effects. This particular brand gives the fix without the high. I’ve also recommended it to my mom’s husband whom suffered from cancer, for months he complained of agonizing pain and was Africa’s of pain meds.. He purchased it at a wimping $75, but said it was the best thing he’s ever used and being that he’s a recovering drug addict he truly appreciated that there was no high. I recommended this for anyone and may get into the business as well, its truly a gift, no side effects, no addiction, and truly helps with most medical conditions unlike Ned prescribed by the medical industry. I pray they don’t ban it.

Tiara B.

Hemp Synergy Review

I like to go gym and train hard but sometimes my backache pain doesn’t let me continue my routine and my muscles pain, but when I started to use the Recover Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil Inflammation Cream (1500 mg) by Hemp Synergy, I couldn’t believe the relief I had. It helped me to reduce the pain and give me a more comfortable sensation to my body through my workouts.

Shawn H.

Active Botanical CBD Review

I’ve cardiovascular problems, arthritis and osteoporosis, and the pain I feel is horrible. I decided to ask a naturist and he recommend me to use the Active Botanical CO. Therapeutic Formulation – 12,000mg Tincture. It recommends me to begin with a 25mg/day doses but then duplicate after 3 weeks of usage. I’ve feel much more relief than my normal capsules I take for the pain, also improved me on the sleeping, even though it changed my appetite a little bit.

John G.

HempActiv CBD Review

I’ve used CBD oil for various reasons. For example, I’ve taken CBD oil orally to relieve anxiety — I think it helped a little bit, but I didn’t really notice a huge difference (it could’ve been a low dosage). This brand was called CBD MD, and the dosage was 10 mg. I suffer from back and joint pain, so I also use it in a cream form. I love when brands include menthol in their formula because it helps to soothe the muscles in my back. The best brand I’ve tried for this purpose is Hemp Activ (found on Amazon). I’m not sure on the dosage for that one but I think it was the “Extra Strength” version.

In general, I’m skeptical of CBD as an effective method of pain/anxiety relief on its own, but when mixed with other agents (like menthol) I think it can be really relaxing. I know my mom also swears by this CBD + menthol combination for joint pain relief. My sister, on the other hand, uses a CBD balm infused with lavender (I can’t remember the brand name). She reported that it didn’t help significantly. CBD in an oil form is less popular among my family and friends.

Jocelyn C

Focl CBD Review

Focl CBD tincture is a favorite of mine. I have the 1000mg mint flavor, which has a hint of refreshing flavor as it sits under the tongue. It is made with American-grown hemp.

I’ve tried a number of tinctures over the years, and Focl ranks up there as a higher-quality, premium CBD brand.

I actually didn’t have to purchase this product. It was sent to me as a promotional incentive, along with a refreshing and healing skin cream which also contains CBD. I use the cream as well, for pain and strain in my wrists.

I take the tincture just once daily, in the morning before breakfast. I currently have two other brands of tincture as well, and I rotate which one I take daily, when I’m not in the mood for a minty flavor, as the other two are flavorless.

Focl is packaged nicely, in a see-through bottle so you can tell how much is left. The results have been good. The high level of CBD in the bottle makes a difference compared to lower levels of CBD.

I recommend Focl, particularly this mint flavor. The cream is also beneficial for those with physical ailments. I find that the tincture is calming and relaxing when I’m under stress or turmoil.

Melissa K.

Sunrise CBD Review

I suffer from joint pain and inflammation in both knees and elbows. Although the pain does not keep me from living an active lifestyle, I do modify my activity and behavior because of it. I am particularly uncomfortable first thing in the morning and after long periods of rest. Ibuprofen does quiet down my pain to a certain degree, but I was hoping to find something that would help without taking pain relievers.

I started using 50 mg of Sunrise High Potency CBD oil three weeks ago. It is administered in a dropper directly under the tongue. I use it once a day, just before bed. I did not feel much of a difference for the first week. Since then, with continued use, I have noticed that I wake up feeling at least somewhat better. While not entirely pain free, I am certainly more comfortable, especially first thing in the morning. I find that I am not reaching for other pain relievers as frequently.

In addition to a reduction in joint pain, I feel that CBD oil has improved my sleep and lowered my anxiety which I feel has heightened as I have reached menopause. In the past couple of weeks I have woken less frequently and generally felt better rested because of it. I suspect that sleep may also be directly related to the discomfort I have experienced due to joint pain, but overall, I think I am more relaxed and better rested.

I purchased Sunrise CBD oil directly through their website. The product shipped quickly and came packaged with coupons for future purchases. I find it easy to use, pleasant tasting and at least somewhat effective. I plan to continue to use it as my pain is somewhat relieved and sleep and anxiety improved.

Margaret C.

50 mg of Sunrise High Potency CBD Oil

My husband suffers from acid reflux which has been the cause of discomfort over many years. He recently changed medication as recommended by his doctor. Resultedly, his reflux has flared up and he is often dealing with a burning feeling in his chest, as well as chronic cough and a general and consistent feeling of indigestion, particularly after meals. He is continually modifying his diet to avoid foods that trigger such flare-ups, avoiding foods that he otherwise enjoys. In addition, certain activities trigger discomfort such as bending, making it challenging to do so many things he enjoys.

He recently began using 50 mg of Sunrise high potency CBD oil once a day before bed. It comes in a dropper and is administered directly under the tongue. About one week after using it on a regular basis he has experienced a noticeable change in the way he feels. While still prone to occasional flare-ups, he admits to feeling markedly better with less burning in his chest. I have also noticed a decrease in coughing which was always worse in the morning. 

A few days ago, while gardening, he began coughing due to reflux. After using 50 mg of CBD oil the urge to cough abated and he was feeling much better. He was relieved to discover that the relief was quick and effective. He continues to use it daily at bedtime and as needed through the day. 

Sunrise CBD oil is available directly through their website. It arrived quickly and included coupons for future purchases. The California-based company claims to be Colorado-grown and 100% organic.

Margaret C.

Receptra CBD Review

Berry Bad Ass Against Joint Pain: Fresh Berry CBD Oil by Receptra Health and Wellness

After literally trying over 10 types of CBD oils on the global market to holistically address chronic joint pain, fatigue, discomfort, and mobility loss due to my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sjogren’s Syndrome, the one product that I have consistently stuck with as a repeat customer is Fresh Berry CBD Oil by Receptra Health and Wellness:

Specifically, I use the 1500 mg-1 oz type once a day before bedtime. I purchase it online directly from their website, as linked above. They enticed me initially because of their Colorado-made claims, their discounts, the impressive brand transparency as far as third party testing, and their attempt to mask the smell and taste that can make or break a relationship with standard CBD oil types.

As a result, I have witnessed impressive improvement in my mobility, energy levels, and pain management. I have not filled or taken any prescription autoimmune medications after discovering “this berry badass against joint pain!” I have less fatigue in the morning after taking the product, decreased joint pain overall, and diminished stiffness from head to toe. Even my blood work from the last year has been stabilized as far as all the autoimmune markers since regularly using this product as a supplement to my low acid diet, yoga, stretching, and other proactive routines. While I do not herald it as a cure by any means, it has been my “BFF” against pain. It has made major strides in my physical, socioemotional and psychological wellness. I am even doing burpies again after trying it for over 1 year!

Stacy S. Pittsburgh, PA, USA, age 46

Charlotte’s Web CBD Review

Original Formula CBD Oil

I recently purchased the Original Formula CBD Oil directly from Charlotte’s Web for a price of $130, including tax.

Although it hurt to spend so much money on a 30mL bottle, I do feel it was justified. Let me start off by saying that I’m very happy with this product, as I have been taking it for a full month so far. The natural olive oil flavor is easy on my stomach, and I typically take the recommended dose, which is one full dropper. The entire bottle contains 50mg CBD per mL, which means 1,500mg of total CBD.

I use Charlotte’s Web CBD Original Formula to assist with ongoing insomnia and inflammation. Insomnia began because of the inflammation in my foot, which is the result of gout. However, I find relief for a few hours when using this product.

I feel as though I’m an adequate source because I’ve tried multiple brands, such as PureKana and Joy Organics. So far, I think Charlotte’s Web hits it on the nail with this formula because it puts me straight to bed and decreases the inflammation.

I know I’ve heard a lot of hype around Charlotte’s Web, but I think it’s well-deserved since it actually works. If you are sick of all of the snake-oil CBD products, then follow the golden rule and buy high-quality CBD products — it’ll save you money in the long run.

Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone that needs the help of CBD. Don’t let the sticker shock scare you — it’s worth it.

Alexander J.

17mg Hemp Extract – Olive Oil flavor.

I use Charlotte’s Web 17mg Hemp Extract – Olive Oil flavor. The dosage I usually take is 1ML before bed, or if I’m having a rough day I take a second dose during the day. I purchase it from a private vendor that sells holistic products down the street. It can also be ordered directly from the manufacturer which I had to do last time due to COVID-19. Overall, it has dramatically reduced my anxiety levels and I experience fewer panic attacks. Upon taking the product I experience a near-instant sense of calm that continues and proliferates over the next hour. I find the taste pleasant – earthy, grassy, and smooth. I started taking it approximately 2 years ago and the benefits have continued to increase over time. I have used several other brands over CBD oil, none of which have provided the level of benefits and powerful effects of Charlotte’s Web. Even though it is fairly expensive, it is definitely worth it due to the quality of the product.

Zachary B.

Hemp Extract with Olive Oil

CBD oil helps curb my cravings for marijuana and helps me stay focused. Starting in college, I started self-medicating with daily marijuana use. I found many unconventional benefits from this and found it to be beneficial when studying, socializing, and more. However, this was not without its disadvantages, especially long-term.

A few years ago I started to take CBD oil more seriously. It took me a while to really feel and comprehend the effects, and each brand seems slightly different. The benefits I find from CBD oil are decreased anxiety, a clearer head, moderately increased focus, and an increase in general well being. I now actively promote CBD oil to everyone as an anti-anxiety supplement. I am a huge proponent of its effects and potential to improve peoples’ lives.

I have tried a few different brands, and am still relatively new to using CBD oil. I was skeptical about it for a long time until I really understood what it felt like.

I started with Signature Hemp Extract (500+ mg cannabinoids per 60 mL bottle, 4.2+ mg per serving) from Bluebird Botanicals, an online store that I would recommend for decently priced, good value CBD.

I also tried CBD flower from a website called Calypso, and ordered oil from there as well. The Calypso oil has 1,000mg CBD in a 30 mL bottle (33mg per serving), and it’s very high quality.

Lastly, I am a huge fan of online retailer Charlotte’s Web hemp extract with olive oil. This one comes in a 30 mL bottle and advertises 17 mg of cannabinoids per 1 mL.

Michael M.

Charlotte’s Web Original Formula Mint Chocolate Flavored Hemp Extract

I have ligamentous laxity which frequently causes ligament pains in my feet, hips, and elbows. This pain can vary depending on the day from merely annoying, to making it very difficult just to walk around. I purchased Charlotte’s Web original formula mint chocolate flavored hemp extract several months ago to see if CBD could help with these pains. I purchased this CBD off the Charlotte’s Web website and they claim their formula contains 50mg of plant-based cannabinoids per mL.

The effectiveness of CBD on my pain was fairly minor. I did notice a slight decrease in ligament pain but the effect was so subtle, it may have been placebo. I followed the directions and took 0.5mL twice per day for around two weeks. I don’t know the veracity of this claim, but I had previously read that CBD has a kind of reverse tolerance effect where the substance becomes more effective over time. Personally though, I did not notice any increase in effects with time. After finishing the vial, I did not make any further purchases because the effects of the CBD did not seem significant enough for me to continue using it.

Overall, CBD may have had some positive effect on my ligamentous laxity induced pain, but nothing substantial.

Austen F.

Colorado Cures CBD Review

My father uses CBD oil for back and neck pain and anxiety. He has used it for approximately 6 months. The oil has been beneficial for him. His pain has decreased and anxiety symptoms have improved somewhat. The brand he uses in Colorado Cures. The strength is 500mg/30ml. The dose is one dropper full every 6-8 hours as needed. The oil is placed under the tongue and felt to sit for 30-60 seconds then swallow the rest. He recommends the use of CBD oils for people with similar conditions like his. The oil eases his pain to a tolerable level and really decreases his symptoms of stress. He is able to be more active and enjoy activities he once liked to do. He enjoys going to outdoor sales, so before leaving home he uses the CBD oil and by the time he arrives his pain and anxiety is controlled. With this product he has regained some of his life back.

Douglas H.

cbdMD Review

I have used CBD oil and it has changed my life for the better in less than six months of dedicated usage to the oil. I use the brand endorsed by Olympic athlete Lolo Jones called cbdMD. As a half marathon runner every year, I needed something that will offer pain relief and comfort. I also needed something that would soothe and rejuvenate my joints and tendons after running sometimes up to 50 miles per week. I found all that and more with cbdMD oils. I was a little skeptical at first but when I found out that their products are THC free it put my mind at ease.

I am a big fan of using their 30ml bottle of oil in a dosage of 750 mg. Its earthy taste is not overpowering to me at all. I always choose the berry flavor as it compliments my smoothie regiment in the mornings and the evenings. You cannot beat the flavor and it works by giving an energy boost and at the same time calming my nerves before or after a race has commenced. You need to try this brand if you are a serious athlete looking for a natural way to improve your lifestyle.

Anthony C.

Hemp King CBD Review

This product is the fifth CBD oil brand I’ve tested over the past three years, and it’s the most successful yet. I wasn’t too excited to get it because none had given me optimal relief before. Still, this product has beaten my expectations, and I’m beginning to notice the other CBD oil benefits that I didn’t see in the previous brands. Top it off; it isn’t so expensive!

I ‘m struggling with painful Arthritis in my hands, which often interferes with my sleep. In the past, I’ve tried different ways to ease the discomfort, including copper bracelets. In just a few drops under the tongue, I’ll soon start receiving instant relief. Although it hasn’t completely removed the pain, I get a lot of comforts, it helped me to sleep better, and I don’t have to use extra pain relievers. 

Apart from its little nutty flavor, which can be subdued with crackers, getting used to it was easy enough. I ‘m hoping to have another one for my husband who’s had occasional back pains, hopefully getting as much relief as I am. You won’t be sorry you got a highly recommended product!

Hemp King Hemp Oil Drops

Bryant N.

I suffered from unexplained recurring pain in my upper neck and back for two years that I am almost convinced constant stress caused the whole crisis. My muscles had forgotten how to relax, and I could not get a goodnight’s sleep whatsoever. Occasionally, I might get relief for a week, but the pain still came back as soon as the week was up.

I’ve had the CBD oil for a month now. I use it twice a day, in the mornings before work and at bedtime to help me relax, this has changed my life beautifully. My pain level is lower, and I have lower anxiety. My mood is excellent; my sleep is excellent, even my hair, my nails, and my skin look fantastic.

It just took five days for the pain to stop! I wanted to reduce my dosage twice a day to a tablespoon, but the discomfort came back mildly. When I switched to the tablespoon dose twice a day, the pain subsided again. You may get too sleepy on a high dosage at first, but once you’re used to taking it, you should increase your dose.

Hemp Health Hemp Oil (Ultra-Premium)

Bryant N.

PureKana CBD Review

Vanilla CBD Oil 1000mg

After trying a few different brands of CBD oil, I purchased the PureKana CBD oil. I purchased it online; shipping was quick and there was no problem with the orders. It was one of the more costly CBD oils that I’ve tried, however it was also much more potent than other low-cost brands. I was looking for a high quality, high-potency CBD oil that would effectively help me manage pain and sleep. I was willing to spend a bit more money in order to get a quality product—for the most part, that is what I got. Compared to other brands, a little goes a long way with this product, so it was worth the investment.

This oil contains a small amount of THC (less than 0.3%), which may complicate buyers living in certain states. I believe this addition of THC can enhance the medicinal qualities of the CBD and make the tincture overall more effective. Although at first I was a bit weary of the effects of THC (as I was only seeking pain management, not a “psychoactive experience”, out of my CBD oil), I soon realized that there were no notable effects from the THC. What I like most about this product is the taste—its natural vanilla flavoring effectively masks the flavor of the hemp (which is my least favorite part about using CBD oils). Overall, it is a good option for someone willing to spend more money in order to attain a higher quality product.

PureKana CBD Oil (Vanilla 1000mg):

Potency: 25mg/ serving ( ½ dropper, about ¾ ml)

Dosage: 1 serving twice a day (or as needed)

Ingredients: Hemp oil Extract, MCT oil, Terpenes, Natural Flavors

Annie H.

1500mg CBD Oil

I am a 49 year old woman from Washington, D.C. who was diagnosed in 2003 with pelvic dysfunction and five herniated disks in my lumbar spine. I lived in pain daily where at times I wasn’t even able to get out of bed. I went to various physical therapy practices which told me to contact my primary doctor to increase medications, I even had one tell me they couldn’t help me and that I would probably just have to live with it. I finally decided enough was enough and then did some research and found a marvelous holistic practice that offered alternatives and specialized in what I eventually found out I needed. At my first appointment the doctor reviewed my chart and said I understand what you’re dealing with and want you to try CBD oils. She shared the benefits with me and we created a health plan regime that got us on the road to feeling better about myself and gave my life back. I currently use 1500 mg of CBD oil per day which has been great. Within dates I was able to see a difference and I’m a firm believer and supporter of CBD.

Jennifer Z.

Pure Kana CBD Oil 1000mg

I use CBD Oil Pura Kanabrand 1000mg every night before going to sleep. I purchase the oil from their website. CBD oil has helped my insomnia a great deal. I don’t have problems falling asleep and I sleep through the night. If I do wake up in the middle of the night I go right back to sleep. Once I started with this CBD I regained my dreams while sleeping. I had forgotten they existed for like 10 years or something because I just didn’t have memorable dreams. They came back within a day or two of CBD use. I’m tickled that I stumbled upon CBD as such a small tablet has fixed so many things, chronic pain, anxiety, short temper, and my sleep issues. I wake up great fully relaxed and I am ready to go the next day. Some nights when I am having a difficult time falling asleep CBD works great for me and helps me fall asleep quick.

Adeel S.

Cannafyl CBD Review

The truth is that at first, I wasn’t sure what to expect with this brand, especially since it was the first time I would be trying CBD as a remedy. As I’ve stopped exercising for a while, I soon realized that some of my joints were aching. I do not have any underlying health issues, but with the pain on my joints, things were not as easy as it used to be for me. When CBD oil was recommended to me, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did a quick check online and found the Cannafyl CBD oil. I decided to give it a try. Despite being hopeful that it will work, I can’t deny that I was cautious. It worked like magic. I’m glad to say that after a month, I haven’t felt any pain again. I honestly can’t tell how it worked, but I don’t care either. I’m just happy that I feel better now. I don’t know whether it’s because of the company’s guarantee that I bought this product, or because I was just desperate for a cure. I’m glad I made this decision.

Cannafyl Full Spectrum 500MG CBD

Francis N.

CBDPure Review

CBDPure hemp oil was the first CBD product I tried. Now an avid CBD user, I started using CBD for pain management around 2016, before CBD products became widely available in stores. As I could not find the product locally in stores, CBDPure’s products were an easily accessible online option. I was interested in trying CBD oil (because I could easily vary the dose using drops), and upon doing some research, CBDPure seemed like the perfect beginner CBD product. Firstly, their oil offerings ranged in both price and potency. Given that CBD products are notoriously pricey, I wanted an affordable option to test out CBD. There were many other brands available, but at higher prices—I did not want to risk a lot of money on a product I had never tried before. I chose the lowest cost option, which also came at a lower potency. For someone who needed a mild potency for light pain or relaxation, this is a great option. However, I was looking for a stronger effectiveness out of the CBD oil, so I had to take larger dosages to get the desired effect. Hence why I eventually purchased a higher potency CBD oil down the line.

What I also liked about CBDPure is the high quality of the product—the CBD oil was rich in color (which is a sign of a high quality hemp oil), pure, and made from organic ingredients. Having a high-quality, natural CBD oil was important to me, which is why I chose CBDPure. CBDPure also uses independent labs to quality check their products, another important thing to look for in CBD brands.The only downside to this product is the taste. Because it is an oil, the natural hemp taste is apparent, which took a while for me to get used to. Overall CBDPure is a quality brand. Because of its’ product variety, it is able to offer a range of potency and cost options, which makes it perfect for fist-time CBD users.

CBDPure Hemp Oil:

Potency: varies depending on concentration level

• CBDPure 300: 5 mg of CBD per ½ ml serving

• CBDPure 600: 10 mg of CBD per ½ ml serving

• CBDPure 1000: 16.5 mg of CBD per ½ ml serving

Dosage: ½ ml twice a day (or as needed)

Annie H.

Owe Uself CBD Review

My best friend and I have both taken this oil and we absolutely love it. On her account, she added it to her hot chocolate to soothe her menstrual cramps. Within roughly 15 minutes she felt a relief and soothing of the sincere pain. It was such a huge help to her, and she swears by it.

On my account: I took it during finals seasons after feeling insanely stressed all day long. I had been hashing away at academic papers and research the entire week. I was on my final push to get through my final paper of the exam ridden week. After running to my professor’s office at full speed to get my paper in on time, I could not shake the anxiety I felt. I took some of the CBD oil and immediately felt such a relief. I couldn’t believe how much it helped my anxiety. This is going to be my go-to method for stress relief. I’ve also taken it for menstrual cramps, and it’s been such a life changing experience! My pain tolerance is extremly low, so this is something I will always implement in my life.

Adah-Dextrious D.

Ripple CBD Review

I worked at a Dispensary here in Colorado, called Tumbleweed. I worked there for over a year and got to see first hand how many customers would come in specifically for CBD and pain relief. There were many different kinds of products that our customers were able to chose from, but my favorite and best selling one was the Ripple Product which was by Still Water Brands. It was in a packet form, there were various different quantities to chose from and the coolest part of all is that you can add the powder to anything! I would always recommend to add to their drinks, water, coffee, ice cream, any food products, or even just plain. We carried the one with just .03% THC as well as with 5-10 MG of THC and CBD in each packet. My favorite ratio was the 1:1 (Balanced). It’s GMO Free, Sugar Free, Keto Friendly, Vegan and Gluten-Free. The product has no taste to it at all and is a perfect additive for anyone wanting to try CBD in a lower dosage and/or with THC.


Taylor H.

Colorado Hemp Solutions CBD Review

I just want to start off and say CBD has immensely changed a very special families life as well as mine. CBD is a Natural Medicine that can relieve pain, inflammation, ease, heart disease, skin issues such as acne, anxiety, seizures and Parkinson’s Disease. It’s so nice to know that such a natural remedy is truly changing lives around us one by one and honestly could be the best cure for a Cancer. I believe that this truly is a growing industry with so much potential and a steady growth market still yet to come. With time, I believe that CBD is going to change more lives than any other product on the market or out there. I have seen a boy with severe Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy be able to enjoy his life and not have any seizures some days because of CBD mixed with less than .03% THC.

The brand I specifically used and family have used is from Colorado Hemp Solutions. CHS it’s a local CBD Company here in Colorado. The product is Mercy 4000 MG of CBD, and it’s an ointment. The one most used for epilepsy and seizures is their soft gels and sublingual products.

Taylor H.