Best CBD Oil for Depression

Social CBD Oil Review (Formerly Select CBD)

In my personal experience, CBD oil and creams have drastically improved my quality of life. As a person who suffers from anxiety, depression and mood swings, CBD use has helped me live normally each day, and has improved my quality of sleep immensely. Currently, I am using Social CBD oil drops in 1000mg. I prefer the lavender flavor and use one full dropper under my tongue in the morning and in the evening.

An immediate benefit from these drops is my mood. I no longer have random bouts of bad moods during the day, and generally keep a pretty leveled and stable attitude. Secondly, my anxious tendencies are reduced throughout the day with the use of this product. I feel calm, and this allows me to be more productive in my daily life. Another product that I’ve used from this brand is the 250mg Select CBD muscle rub. This has been great for post-workout and long-term injury care. I’m inclined to use these products over drugstore brands because I prefer the natural, organic ingredients. Since starting the use of these products, I’ve seen a great improvement in my own daily life and productivity. I would recommend these products to anyone who is looking for a more natural way to control their imbalances.  

Mikayla M.