Charlotte’s Web CBD Topicals Review

High-quality products if you are willing to pay the price. The best thing about using CBD infused massage oils and creams is that it leaves the skin healthier and stronger without the greasy feeling most over the counter products offer. However, Charlotte’s Web CBD Topicals takes it to another level with paraben-free products as well as free from other negative properties other rival companies did not consider. For example, their hemp-infused balm stick with CBD is free from 8 Major Allergens. Their products also boast vegan ingredients. They have topicals for all sorts of needs from arthritis, back and neck pain, to the active lifestyle needs such as the active sport pain relief stick.

They also pay attention to small but significant details. Upon looking at the product on the website you will see instructions on how to use their CBD topicals and how much CDB per ounce is in it. This is necessary because there are a lot of CBD massage oils and creams out there claiming to contain CBD but, only have it in miniscule amounts. However, Charlotte’s Web CBD Topicals clearly indicate in their website that all topicals contain 300 mg of CBD per ounce. This is great for effective use, but this make their products a bit costly with prices ranging from 14.99 to 39.99 dollars for an individual topical. They also offer collections such as the self-care collection for deep absorption which is a set of four products that costs 139.96 dollars with other collections having the same price range.

Overall, their topical products are worth the buck since you are after the CBD effect and are great for long-term wellness of the body and mind. Compared to their rival companies, they avoid negative chemicals and are transparent in their CBD content to their customers. If you are still disappointed by their products, they offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee which is a great service to new comers.

Vanessa V.

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Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies Review

Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies have been a life changer for me. I am a Veteran with PTSD and sleep issues. Benadryl always made me grumpy and groggy when I woke up, and melatonin got me to sleep, but did not keep me asleep. It was frustrating. I had received a sample of the Charlotte’s Web sleep gummies, and I can’t recall where from, but it was amazing. I not only fell asleep, but stayed asleep. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, and also found myself in less pain than I usually wake up to. I had seen them before on websites, but was always hesitant because of the cost. Once I tried that sample, I was hooked and bought a bottle. My boyfriend even tried a gummy one night, and now we both use them. He is also a Veteran with PTSD.

The gummies themselves have a pleasant berry-like taste. They don’t have a strong CBD/terpene flavor which makes it even better.  I love their texture too. I have found that sometimes gummies can be hard and firm, making them hard to chew. There are gummies that are the exact opposite, they can be gooey and sticky which can feel like unpleasant slime in your mouth. Charlotte’s Web gummies are right in the middle. They are soft enough to chew, but not slimy or unpleasant.

The ability to fall asleep and not toss and turn all night is amazing. I hurt my shoulder in Iraq, and I think that has contributed to not being able to sleep throughout the night. I believe it is the CBD that relaxes my body and makes the pain more manageable. This product is priceless to me. I feel like they have really given me my life back.

Amy G.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies Raspberry 10 MG Review

Since I was experiencing high-level anxiety and insomnia, it was hard to sleep at night, and panic attacks can go crazy in the daytime too. When days get crazy, it can affect your work, routine, sleep, and everything you might normally do if you are just sleeping fine. I was totally distracted during work, and not sleeping at night was no less than a nightmare for me. The more I thought about it, it got worse each day. As my last resort, I asked a doctor for some medical relief. 

Well, considering my condition, the doctor suggested me to take CBD gummies to cure the anxiety. One of the friends suggested to shop it from Charlotte’s Web CBD. And It wasn’t a bad idea at all. Yes, I was reluctant before as I was unsure of its benefits and quality for me. But I had a different experience despite my hesitation to purchase it with Charlotte. CBD gummies have been a great relief for me.

I purchase my gummies from Charlotte every month now, and they have never disappointed me, in terms of the quality and delivery. They serve exactly as they claim. It is admirable that a company is considerate towards their client’s requirements. 

My Raspberry 10 MG gummies are now a part of my life, and so is Charlotte’s Web CBD. It is light in calories and also provides satisfactory sleep at the end of the day. And this is all you want, isn’t it? 

I was desperate to get a sound sleep at night, and Raspberry 10 MG gummies by Charlotte’s Web CBD has proven to be a great help for it. 

Without any doubt, the product is a strong dose and helps me get through the day without feeling stressed anymore. Most importantly, THC is not there, and the taste is so amazing.

And this also helps me lead a normal and stress-free life and the easy recovery from the exercise. And the price is normal. Also, the benefits it is offering makes it bearable to pay around $9.99 – $44.99. Overall, the experience has been great with them. There is nothing better than having a routine with sound sleep and regular sleep cycles. Just know that it has Melatonin (3 mg per serving), and you have to watch out if you are allergic to any ingredient. Otherwise, the stuff is amazing for use, and anyone disturbed by the sleep routine can try it after consulting their doctors. 

So, it is good stuff, my wife and I are using them, and it’s been and year by now that we sleep well and have a stress free routine. 

I completely acknowledge that this one is worth taking but do check with your doctor before and avoid overdoing it. Once you have consulted your doctor and you have a legal prescription for it, you are good to purchase it from Charlotte’s.

Sa B.

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FlavRx Premium Hemp CBD Oil Salve Review

Allow me to start off the subject with a little background, having dealt with chronic back and joint pain starting in 2015 after the military, there wasn’t much in the way of pain relief lest I ask for a prescription from a doctor. Even though insurance would cover the medicine the side effects were brutal, that’s why CBD oil became a necessity, not only for its relative ease of use but lack of side effects if any. The following products will give a personal account as to why they were not effective as intended and offer a better comparison.

            The FlavRx Premium Hemp CBD oil Salve at 50mg 1.5oz was a good start and smelled amazing, but the effects of the medicine were not readily felt. Once applied to the area you prefer, any small aches and sores will relax. Due to the low dosage I wouldn’t recommend it for any chronic or severe pain. In comparison to The Papa and Barkley CBD Hemp oil balm at 180mg for the same price but bigger size, 2oz/$30. At quick glance the decisive winner is clear, the main issues I found with FlavRx’s product was the low CBD dose, additionally the CBD oil would separate from the other ingredients requiring the need to mix before application.

            There is a myriad of CBD oil infusions, however, if salves and creams aren’t your preference then consider tinctures as your go to alternative. One such example is Proof’s 20:1 CBD tincture at 0.51oz/300mg for $35, you can’t go wrong when a few sublingual drops are enough for immediate relief. Even though the ratio is heavy on CBD, it still has a low amount of THC which can be an issue if you’re operating machinery or need to properly focus at home/work. Another issue was the consistency, being coconut oil it would coat the inside of your mouth and leave a persistent aftertaste. On the contrary, Carter’s Aromatherapy Design(CAD) tincture is on the low end of 1oz/125mg for $28, but you are sacrificing potency for a better tasting tincture. The end result with either side is a deeper relief for joint pain and even headaches.

            In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best in CBD oil related products, it’s very important to look at how many milligrams of CBD are present in comparison to other ingredients, price, and type of CBD extracted for the infusion. This can lead many to feeling overwhelmed, but hopefully this article can help you glean useful information.

Alfonso F.