CBD Oil for Pain

Hello!  I am a local of Alabama.  Today I’ll be talking to you about CBD oil, my pain journey, and what I would choose between CBD oil and frequency indigenous opiates.  CBD: winning is pain relief.  So, first we’ll start with what is pain and what can it do.  Pain is discomfort. It causes focus loss and lost wages.  Looking at the pictures, opiates desirably people have doctor visits.  It takes prescriptions, and it can be overdose-inducing; you can have an overdose with opiates. CBD oil:  there is no prescription necessary.  It is legal as long as you make sure that your CBD oil definitely has an analytic certificate or labs with it. It is approved, and it can be used.  It definitely is non-addictive, and it is positive for the environment.

My personal experience is unbelievable. I have seen recovering addicts and I have met many who would say that opiates were the wrong choice for them.  They would say that, if they had any option of choosing anything else in life, they would definitely have chosen something that did not involve any pain medication.  A lot of people say, you know, it ran in their family, t wasn’t so much the pain and medication, it was just the addiction.  So, you have people who say that they faced many, many downfalls and ran into many, many ditches and pitfalls going through the use of opiates for their pain management. I think that is the saddest thing amongst many people, and that CBD is a relief from that.  I think that CBD is a way to get what you need and not impact the environment, because it’s a source that we can grow, and it does nothing but create more and more opportunities and more and more sources for us.

You know I think it’s very nice, and I’ll tell you the real unbelievable reason why I think CBD oil works for people who suffer from severe pain.  I have what’s called acne inversa.  You can Google it.  It’s listed as one of the fourth to seventh most painful skin diseases in the world.  It is unmanageable pain.  It is constant.  It will not stop.  I’ve been to neurologists, pain management clinics from Texas to Alabama here. I’ve been to mental doctors, just to say that the pain that I feel, that I’m describing is actually mental.  It’s not.  Uh, it’s a pain that is only intensified by you know your skin rubbing together, so it’s very, very deep rooted.

I found that CBD oil along with frequency-opiates, which are not a type of pill, perfectly together.  I discovered CBD, and if you’ve seen my previous video, you can see where I talked about how CBD changed my insomnia, my psychosis, my problems that gave kept me awake at night, those type of issues.  CBD handled those and put those to rest where I don’t have those anymore, and that gave me such relief.  Later on, I discovered CBD and also indigenous frequencies, and it was just unbelievable.  I could not imagine how walking along the pier with my friends was no longer a painful four- or ten-minute walk for me, and then having to turn around just to sit.  I could not imagine how chasing my friends around, you know since the age of 13, had become so painful.  

Uh and the opiate frequencies, it just, the way they go in and relieve pain, is something that isn’t very easy to describe.  It’s sort of like the frequencies that go into your ears, the sounds layered on top of each other that go into your ears, basically unlock receptors that release endorphins that trigger opiates to release themselves generically from your like endorphin system or something to that extent.  Basically, it’s a chemical reaction within your body that is triggered by sound that leads to your body making not an opiate but an opiate which is a completely different thing.  

The indigenous ones are actually created naturally by your body, and you can look them up there, just a chain of reactions, and they relieve pain to a magnitude that you just do not feel them; you do not feel them aches of your armpits, or the aches of your necks, or them aches of your ears or them aches of your back, you don’t feel them.  And the great part about the frequencies is you can have them tailored for earache pain. You can simply type in frequency to remove earache and they’re there, so it is a very nice thing coupled with CBD oil it gives you a full package of pain relief.  I would not ever personally use an opiate from big pharmacy, but I am not a medical doctor, so I can’t advise you if you find that, you know, you like the frequencies, and they work.

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CBD for Dogs – Expert Tips from Bark Avenue CBD Dog Hemp Treats

CBD for dogs is one of the hottest trends in the cannabis industry. It’s been around not quite as long as the human side has been, but it was almost a natural shoe-in for those who had actually tried cannabis to help with certain ailments for the animals, since we have similar endocannabinoid systems as humans. This is why big pharma usually tests on rats cats dogs pigs especially pigs, because we have the most similar endocannabinoid system as they do. And, the way we internalize and digest and grab the benefits of cannabis is fairly similar, so some of the benefits of giving your pet cannabis especially if they have arthritis is the great anti-inflammatory properties it’s great also for seizures.

This is why Colorado actually became a mecca for medical patients especially young kids, who you know their parents did not want them to get high, and CBD was readily available. There so cannabis or CBD in general is actually really great for inflammation gastrointestinal problems with your animal stress and anxiety, especially for fireworks end of life care arthritis, even cancers. It’s not gonna be curing the cancer but it can definitely help your pup feel a little bit more comfortable, and it also helps with the poor appetite. So, I would suggest that, if you have a dog that might have, you know, some of these issues like with the degenerative joint disease, hot spots that kind of thing, or even just general everyday wellness, I would suggest trying a little bit of cannabis.

Majority of the questions that we get from Bark Avenue CBD Dog Hemp Treats is how do you know what to dose your animal. We will discuss that in another video to kind of try to find the right dosing for your animal. So hopefully, if you have any more questions, you know, please feel free to drop us a line at Bark Avenue Hemp Treats. Read a little bit more about our product and, you know, some of the safety requirements that we expect from our manufacturers. So that your pup safety is our number one priority and as well as enjoying getting his beds.

So here’s my little pup ready to eat her treats. So, she’s actually ate. I give her the hip and joint every day so that that product that we actually manufacture has five milligrams of CBD per treat and 300 milligrams of glucosamine and 110 milligrams of chondrite per treat. So it’s almost like a double functional extra boost along with the CBD and preventive properties in it. So anyway, we’ll see you in the next video on how to find the right dosing for your pup. I hope you enjoyed this and it was informational for you. Bye!