CBD Oil for Sleep and as Alternative to Medication

Hey everybody! Gabby here on the CBDLuv Channel!

Thanks so much for joining me today. I was invited to talk about my experience with CBD and incorporating it into my routine in order to lessen my prescribed medications. Now, it’s important to know, and of course i’m gonna say, you need to consult with your doctor before you decide you want to do this. CBD in your daily routine is great for overall health, but it can sometimes also help individuals lessen the milligrams of whatever they’re taking. And in some cases, you can get rid of an entire medication.

However, this is not going to be across the board for everybody, which is why I very, very, very, very much insist that, if you would like to incorporate CBD into your routine, in order to do it as a method to lessen the amount of prescribed medication you have, please consult with your doctor.

For my experience, I was being prescribed a sleep medication. And it turns out years down the road, I found out that the doctor had over-prescribed me in the amount i really needed. Unfortunately, when I was taking, I also experienced a lot of side effects, and that’s another reason why CBD is a great alternative or addition to your medication routine that you may already have, because it can lessen some of the side effects a lot of these medications have.

Now with mine, I was lucky, and I was able to get rid of my sleep medication entirely. It took a lot of months to find the correct CBD product and the right routine in order to really help myself get better sleep. What I found was that I really need CBD to help me manage my anxiety. And by using CBD to manage my anxiety throughout the day, it helps me sleep better at night.

Sometimes the anxiety is too much. A lot of people know that, and you have racing thoughts at night, and they just don’t go away. Luckily, there’s a lot of CBD products on the market. Now that you can have a blends of CBD and melatonin as well as a lot of holistic herbs that’ll help you sleep, there’s so many brands out there. I definitely encourage you guys to do some research, if that’s something you might be looking for.

But in conclusion, for me, I had a great experience incorporating CBD as an audition and alternative. Luckily, I was able to get rid of one of my medications. If you’re someone that still needs to take your prescribed medication or a combination, that’s okay. We’re here to end the stigma and help people be happy and healthy, because that’s what matters most.

So thank you so much for joining me today, everybody. I appreciate it so much. Be sure to click that Like and Subscribe button and come back to us here at CBDLuv for more experiences and more knowledge.

Gabby S.

CBD Dosage for Dogs – Expert Advice

Welcome to the edition of CBD dosage for dogs. This is majority of the questions that we get at Bark Avenue Hemp Treats.

How much do I give my dog?

Unfortunately, there really is no hard and fast rules on how much to dose your dog, but, in general, we like to start the dog out from anywhere from one to two milligrams of CBD per pound of dog, but that also largely depends on the age, size and condition of your dog.

Let’s just say mine like here. She’s about 42 pounds, so i give her 5 milligrams of CBD per treat per dosing session. But if I know that it’s fireworks time, fourth of July, and she’s deathly afraid, then I usually will give her three or four just before I know that the fireworks is about to start.

For most of our clients you’re going to see they might be like older dogs that have arthritis issues. You probably also want to give them, I would say, a two milligram dose to start, at least for the first week, to build up the levels like three times a day. And once you start to see that they feel a little bit better, then you can put them down to like a maintenance of one milligram per pound of dog, twice a day, instead of three times a day.

If you’ve got a dog maybe that has cancer, you’re probably going to want to up that dose even more so. Simply because the dog is in pain, there’s really no risk of over-dose. At most, maybe one of the side effects that I’ve seen, that’s fairly common, is that they do get diarrhea. Just like humans, when you take a little bit too much CBD, you know, sometimes you can get a little bit of that loose stool as well, so you can just monitor your dog with that.

But, I believe to start, start them off with one to two milligrams per pound, for one week three times a day. And then once they you know start to get a little bit better and feel a little bit better, you guys know your pet the best. I give my dog at least three treats a day, three times a day. She’s nine years old, believe it or not, but she’s been on CBD for about four years now.

Hopefully you guys will reap some of the benefits of CBD for your pet. And, feel free to give us a holler or drop us a line at Bark Avenue Hemp Treats, if you have anymore questions about dosing your animals, and best of luck to you. We hope to hear from you!


Jennifer C.

How I Found the Right CBD Oil Dosage

Hi! I wanna talk about the amount of CBD oil I use, the dosage, but first I wanna give a little background of why I’m using it and how it’s affecting me. This is my CBD oil.

Now, I started using CBD oil because my friend was using it. She was very stressed, and she was a little bit depressed, and she was a full-time worker, and she was also a single mother. So, she was having a lot of down days, but she didn’t want to really take really strong prescription medications, so she decided to try CBD oil, because one of her family members had tried it, so she tried it, and it’s been two months since she’s been using, and she’s been doing well. I’ve seen this changing her. She’s been more happier, more relaxed, so i’m glad that.

So, I decided i’m going to just give it a try, because I have bad anxiety. But I don’t take prescription medications for it, and I was taking these stress gummies for it, and they were giving me headaches, and I had to stop it. So, i decided hey let’s give this a try. I was skeptical about it. I did a lot of research on CBD oil and decided to just try it, since it’s working on my friend. It could work on me.

It’s been about a week and two days since I have first started using it, and, honestly, i have not seen any big differences. Maybe because I just started. I don’t see any big differences. I have seen little differences like I am more relaxed, and I’m more like calmed and chilled so that’s helpful. So, I am going to continue using.

Now the dosage. I take two thirds of a dropper. That is the recommended dosage for the type of CBD oil I’m taking. Now you can take more, or you can take less, but I chose to take the recommended dosage, because i was very like skeptical on taking more or, you know, I’m just going to play by the book, kind of, and just take the recommended dosage which is two-thirds of a dropper. And, it seems to be working right with me. I don’t have no problems. I don’t need to take more, you know. I think that’s the right dosage for me. I mean you can take more, or if you feel like it’s too much you can take less. It just all depends on how your body kind of reacts to it, you know, how you feel about it. You can take more or less, but i just take the recommended dose, and that’s enough.

Hopefully this helps anybody that needs to know how does the dosage work.

Expert Tips on CBD Oil Dosage

Today I’m here to talk to you about how I found my perfect dosage for CBD oil, and how you can do the same. So here with me today, I have this small, this is a 30 millilitre bottle of CBD oil, and this is a thousand milligram which is what I started off taking.

So what i did with my personal experience with CBD oil was I started with my 1000, and I was always told to use a half of a dropper, approximately a half of a dropper under the tongue for 30 seconds to two minutes and, you know, basically take my time and let my body adjust to something new that I’m putting in it.

So, I would do half a dose of 1000 milligrams once a day, and when i saw that that wasn’t quite enough for me, you know, I could feel that it was doing good things for me, but it wasn’t quite fixing my problem. At that point I was told to go up to the same amount at two times a day, so i was taking my CBD oil in the morning and at night. And at that point i really started to see results. And so on a more mathematical side of things, what this means was I was taking 500 milligrams in the morning, and i was taking 500 milligrams at night, which meant that this small bottle would in theory last me 30 days. So that is where my experience started.

From there my body at some point reached an equilibrium with all of the endo-cannabinoids and the deficiency that was taking place within my body. And so at that point again I was able to switch things up a little bit. So, at that point I went from taking twice a day, half of a dose, to once a day, a full dose. So at that point, I went to an entire full dropper, which looked something like this, and I only took it at night, because in my experience, for me, my main problem was that I had back pain at night. And so, when i switched over to taking it at night, I was able to sleep better. You know, my sleep cycles were much more leveled out, and I had less of an experience of back pain.

That is how i found my perfect regimen, and that’s what i encourage everyone to do. I encourage everyone to start with a 1000 milligram CBD oil and to let your body adjust and figure out what it needs. At that point, you know if you see that you only need a quarter of 1000, that’s 250 milligrams a day, then you would be able to drop down to something that’s less expensive like a 500 milligram CBD oil.

So you know, everyone’s body is different and that’s what pretty much anyone in the CBD and hemp industry is going to tell you is that everyone’s body is different and, you know, mine is no exception. I have no way of knowing exactly what your body is going to need, just as you don’t know what mine would. However, I can tell you that it is safe. It is a safe product to put in your body, and that your body will take in these cannabinoids, because our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids, and it will reach a state of homeostasis.

So whatever is ailing you, whatever is bothering you, whether it be arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, stress, depression. The list goes on and on. Whatever it is, once your body reaches that state of homeostasis, you’re sure to, you know, begin to feel the relief and feel all of the benefits that the hemp plant can provide for you through CBD oil. So I hope that this answered any questions that you have, and I hope that now you know how to dose for your own CBD use.

Madison P.

Recommendations for CBD Oil Dosage

Hi everybody! It’s Gabby here for the CBDLuv Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmQA9WFtbe6abbUne90J4iw). Today we’re going to talk about how you can find your appropriate dosage of CBD to add to your routine. And though it may seem a little daunting, the first thing i’m going to say is it’s going to take some time, and it’s going to take some trial and error. Do not be discouraged by this at all. The reason it’s going to take some trial and error, and it’s going to be a little bit of process is because everybody’s endo-cannabinoid system is a little bit different. What works for me is not going to work for you, and that’s okay. But don’t be discouraged on your journey to find what works for you. Here are a couple recommendations that i have.

Now my first recommendation is don’t get discouraged by the trial and error process. For me, it took about a month for my body to regulate my intake of CBD and figure out which dose worked best and at what time. Some people may need one dose a day. Some people may take a dose of CBD once, twice, maybe three times a day depending on what they’re seeking relief for, but don’t be discouraged. It takes 21 days to make a habit so at least give your body a little bit of time and patience as you try to figure out and regulate. When trying products for the first time i personally like tincture always remember to check for test results. You shouldn’t have to chase them down they should be right there on the page when you’re about to purchase your product. Ensure that you are purchasing a quality product especially because you’re going to be ingesting this. Whether you’re getting it in capsule form in tincture form or any other way make sure what you’re buying is safe.

Another recommendation I have is always make sure you’re buying a product that has a dosage recommendation. Most products will come with these. These days if it doesn’t have it, it might not be the best quality product to be buying. That’s just comes from me and my own personal experience. I like tincture myself and what i like when i buy a tincture is to ensure that the dropper itself comes with an increment label. So some days if I am having a very bad chronic pain flare, I might start my morning with one whole millilitre, which is about 50 milligrams CBD to start my morning. On days where I’m just using CBD more to just maintain general health, and i have generalized anxiety, so i do try to take CBD every day, because I find that it helps me throughout my days. I’ll have a smaller dose usually about 15 milligrams to start my day, and i’ll have it with my morning coffee or tea.

One of my final recommendations i have for you guys is to always try out your doses starting low to high. You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew and have to deal with those effects. It’s not going to necessarily feel good if it’s not right for you and your body. Always start low to high. And again, if it’s a good quality product it’s going to come with recommendations. Again, I some days only need a very basic dose of maybe 15 milligrams to start my day in the morning. Otherwise, if i’m having a very bad chronic pain day, or if i am having a high anxiety day, I might need to medicate periodically throughout the day or take a larger dose to start my day. It’s all going to depend on you, and you know you best, and that is probably the biggest, biggest recommendation that i have for anybody trying CBD products and starting out their CBD journey, is make sure you’re staying true to you. You don’t need to follow a fad. Always do your research but make sure you’re paying attention to how you, and your body are feeling when you’re trying out these products.

You know you best. So, thank you guys so much for joining me! I hope this video was very informative. Make sure you click that subscribe button to CBDLuv so you can continue to get more great information while you continue your CBD journey. Thanks for joining me!

Gaby S.

How to Find Out If Your CBD Oil is Legit?

Hi everyone i’m Annie, and today we’re gonna do a deep-dive into kind of investigating the legitimacy of the CBD oil I use. So, I’ve used quite a few different brands of CBD in my day. The one that I’ve kind of settled on, that i really like, um, just because I guess I like the effects it has on me, and also it tastes good which is important in my book. It is the Sunsoil CBD oil, and the one I take that I like is the citrus flavor.

When i was kind of researching the next CBD oil I wanted to try, there were a couple things that, in my mind, I knew I wanted. I knew I wanted one that was third party-lab tested which is really important, because it checks to make sure there’s no bad things in the oils, whether that be bacteria or heavy metals or anything like that. And the other thing that personally else I also wanted was that it was made with organically farmed hemp, because, again, I didn’t want exposure to different chemicals through ingesting my CBD.

So, I’m gonna jump over to my laptop here and you’re gonna go along with me, as I kind of research some of these things. Okay, so here I am on their website. So, let’s go down to the drops and find the one that I use, which is citrus, and let’s look into this a little bit. Okay, first things first. Let’s look at the ingredients. So MCT oil, fractioned coconut oil. Okay, that’s what that is. Organic sweet orange oil and cinnamon oil, so that makes sense, that it’s not 100 pure, because it is flavored, but it’s also extracted with MCT oil right here.

It says it’s full-spectrum, which means that it’s not 100 pure, which explains the ingredients. That is one thing that I guess I didn’t have as much understanding of when I was buying it, is the difference between full-spectrum and then pure CBD. Okay, here’s the big one right here – third-party lab tested by an accredited lab. Let’s see if we can see the lab results for the citrus. Okay, just go to one of these from 2019. Overall it passed a third party lab inspection so that’s beneficial and that pass. It does three different screens, so, micro- biological screen, a heavy metal, and then i guess just some other analysis. It looks like there were yeast mold e coli very minor findings, I suppose. Um I guess not enough to raise concern about there.

However I do, I would wonder kind of what the standard is across all CBD oils, and if it’s normal to have scarce detection of mold and yeast. So, I guess it does make me more skeptical, even though this was passed, I would be really curious to know what the industry standards were, for what passing means in that case. But, it is beneficial to know that a third party lab in Burlington Vermont had a certified analysis and passed all of it. So knowing that this oil I am taking is what it is cracked up to be and is deemed okay by a third party is really important.

Okay, so you just went through that with me, and I guess, in my conclusion, I realized i didn’t know as much about CBD testing as i thought i did. I’d be really interested to know what kind of industry standards were for past test results and what kind of traces of, for example something like mold is acceptable or normal to find in CBD. And then, I also didn’t really differentiate the difference between pure and full-spectrum, when i was initially shopping. So, another important thing for me to note. When I get my next bottle, I still really like this brand just from how I use it, and how my personal experience has been with it, but it’s really good to be able to now know actually do the research behind it and hide behind its legitimacy. So all in all, I am I guess happy with what I found but, I’m also a bit more curious.

Annie H.